Need a Vacation? NP’s Around the Globe Link Pack

It’s official.  I needed a vacation.  Yes, I went to India this winter and go to New York City almost weekly, but going places doesn’t count.  You see, on those trips I was working with the ThriveAP tech team discussing things like ad layouts and Drupal programming, and waking up at 4am for news shoots.  The time had come for me to do nothing at all.  So, this Bahama Mama headed to Nassau.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t exactly do nothing on my getaway.  I spent the week reading for pure pleasure, snorkeling in the Atlantic and risking a few extra wrinkles to feel the sun on my face.  Ocean kayaking, jet skiing and a few tropical cocktails rounded out the experience.  Ahhh…  Better yet, the temperature here at home plummeted to a cool 19 degrees in my absence.  Don’t you just love it when things work out like that?

Anyway, all this is to say that the blog appeared a bit sparse for the past week.  The Internet connection where we were staying was sketchy to say the least, and most of all I needed a true break.  If you too could use a vacation, check out the following posts to take your mind to a far away place as well.


How are NPs faring around the globe?  We’re on the rise!  Learn more about Nurse Practitioners: The International Scene.

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Have you always wondered if travel nursing could fill your yearning for adventure?  It turns out travel nursing is for nurse practitioners, too.

Are you ready to rock?  Volunteer for music this summer.  Now’s the time to start planning!

Spending a few years in a foreign country sounds absolutely magical.  Why not combine the adventure with your NP career?  Check out this unique international opportunity for nurse practitioners.

Dr. Paul Farmer is one inspirational MD.  Join the ThriveAP Book Club in reading about his quest to aid the medically under-served in Haiti.

Nurse practitioners have some amazing opportunities when it comes to volunteering.  These global volunteering adventures should satisfy your travel fix.

Jai Ho!  Nurse practitioners are making a mark in India.

Feel like a little Español would help you in your practice?  These resources for mastering medical Spanish can help.

Not only do NPs have opportunities abroad, your patients may take their treatment globally, too.  Medical tourism is on the rise.

Last year, I took an amazing CME adventure to the Canary Islands doing everything from eating paella (yumm!) to mastering the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism.

Blue Zones- the areas of the world with the most centenarians.  What are their secrets to longevity?  Join the ThriveAP Book Club in discovering the answer.

Need a getaway?  Check out these continuing medical education conferences for Spring 2014.


The ThriveAP blog is officially back on track, so stay tuned for more posts this week.

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