Need a Getaway? Continuing Medical Education Conferences for Spring 2014

It is so, so cold outside.  It’s the kind of cold that keeps me from going to the grocery store even though there’s no food in the house, the cold that forces me to wear my wool ski socks and slippers at the same time, and the kind of cold that causes my dog to give me a pained look every time he needs to go outside.  This spring, my husband and I have decided to go on a romantic Caribbean vacation and the dream of the warm sun on my face is the only thing keeping me sane through this single digit slump.

Planning a vacation, for me at least, is nearly as fun as actually hopping on the plane and landing on a warm tropical island.  I can feel the sand between my toes and taste the first of many pina coladas I plan to drink.  While this cold snap has spring feeling oh so far away, it’s time to start planning if you are going to take a vacation.

If you too could use a warm weather vacation to look forward to, consider putting your annual continuing education budget to work.  Combining fun in the sun with your yearly medical education requirements is an excellent way to offset the cost of a vacation.  If a spring continuing medical education conference is in the cards for you this year, consider these fun, fabulous picks.

Practical Pediatrics in Orlando, Florida

If there’s one thing that scares the crap out of me in practice, it’s kids.  Sure, they’re cute but I always prefer patients who can communicate more on my level.  A pedes refresher course is never a bad idea whether you work in family practice or a strictly pediatric clinic.  This course hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics March 21-23, 2014 offers sessions on topics from sports medicine to recurrent urinary tract infections.  Can’t make it to Florida in March?  The conference is hosted in various other locations throughout the year.

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Neurology and Psychiatry for Primary Care in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

I have never been to the Cayman Islands but I am told they are quite picturesque.  Not to mention, famous for stingrays which sounds exotic to me.  This conference hosted by Medical Education Resources, Inc. April 11-13, 2014 promises to please.  Covering topics from epilepsy to adult ADHD, participants will get a broad view of common problems they face working in primary care.

Infectious Diseases for Primary Care in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Ahhh, Mexico.  You’ve go to love the mix of sun, sand and culture you can find in the Riviera Maya.   Courses at this all inclusive conference are held in the morning leaving afternoons free for snorkeling, scuba diving and visiting Mayan ruins.  To enhance your knowledge of emerging infections, HIV, and new antibiotics, consider attending this conference March 27-29, 2014 hosted by MCE Conferences.

Urology and Nephrology for the Primary Care Provider in Hawaii

Nothing could make learning the most up to date treatment recommendations for BPH more palatable than doing so while cruising the Hawaiian islands.  This conference hosted by Continuing Education, Inc. April 5-12, 2014 covers topics from renal masses to acute kidney injury all while on a cruise ship off the coast of Hawaii.  The cruise stops in all of Hawaii’s major islands leaving plenty of time to hit the beach and see the sights.

Where will you go for your 2014 continuing medical education?

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