My Nurse Practitioner New Year’s Resolutions

I love the clean slate feeling the New Year brings.  One of my personal resolutions (my husband would call it a “To Do” list not a resolution) is to painstakingly organize every room of my house, cleaning out nooks and crannies until they are dust-free and tossing unused items into the trash with abandon.  This way, I can start 2014 free of clutter and the mess that comes with owning too much stuff.  I can’t wait.

2013 has been a big year for me career-wise and I’m happy to say I stuck with most of the nurse practitioiner resolutions I made to ring in 2013.  I have committed to continued learning as planned, though I would give myself more of a “B” when it comes to this category.  As ThriveAP has grown I have certainly expanded my business know-how, but I can still do better when it comes to growing my medical knowledge.  Stay tuned to “Case Study of the Week” blog posts which help this resolution play out.

This year, I attended the nationally recognized American College of Emergency Physicians conference which was an excellent learning experience and fulfilled my goal of attending a conference that was more education than vacation.  And, yes, I also think I became a better co-worker this year.  As I have become more experienced in emergency medicine, I can finally take it a little easier when it comes to my job.  While I always strive to work to the best of my abilities I can now do so in a more relaxed manner.  When emergencies happen, I know what to do and have confidence in my ability to perform.  Rather than getting stressed out and snappy, I take a more calm and collected approach.

So, that brings me to 2014.  I want to make big goals for 2014, I can feel it’s going to be a good year.  Here are my 2014 career resolutions:

1. Bring on the Media!

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I have had the unique opportunity to be a voice for nurse practitioners on national news this year.  I love being in the media.  It stretches me in ways that working in the hospital does not.  I want to get better at public speaking, to be more eloquent and a powerful voice for the nurse practitioner profession. I hope that as my skills improve I can represent the profession with confidence and competence. My goal for 2014 is to get a regularly appearing medical segment on a national news network.  Crossing my fingers…

2. Get Involved in the Local and National Nurse Practitioner Community

This one was on my list last year and it was pretty much an epic fail.  My American Association of Nurse Practitioners membership is still lapsed and I cannot remember the last time I attended a Middle Tennessee Advance Practice Nurses Association meeting.  This year I won’t forget!

3. Put on a Video Conference for Aspiring and Practicing Nurse Practitioners

Sneak Peak!  I have just started working on getting material together for a video course on becoming a nurse practitioner.  The course will cover topics like crushing your next job interview, putting together an amazingly perfect resume and conquering the ups and downs of your NP education.  While I’m super excited about the conference, it’s going to be a lot of work.  Stay tuned for a planned early spring release.

4. Focus on a Fabulous Patient Experience

With increasing government regulations and red tape in the medical field overall and changes going on specifically at the hospital where I work, it can be hard not to get a little burnt out.  Change is hard and certainly makes showing up for shifts in the emergency department a bit more stressful.  The first people to suffer from these changes are often patients.  Staff are stretched thin as they learn new systems and patience low.  I want to be the employee who smiles despite growing pains, who listens to patients and isn’t annoyed by a request for a blanket at the end of a 12 hour shift.  I will have a new employer in 2014 and want to make this transition the most positive experience possible.

I have plenty of non-career related resolutions for 2014 as well (international travel, anyone?) and can’t wait for the fresh start 2014 brings.  One more day to be messy before my massive home organization project…

What are your educational and career related goals for 2014?

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