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Most medical clinics are far too dingy and generic if you ask me. The walls are always painted some sort of band-aid tan. The smell of hand sanitizer and alcohol swabs wafts through the air causing every patient, regardless of chief complaint, to conjure up images of some sort of painful procedure. Pediatric practices make an effort to brighten up the environment to welcome kids. Maybe its time adult-focused practices did the same. 

An overhaul of your clinic’s decor is likely not in the budget. Fortunately, there are a few quick fixes you can make to your practice’s exam rooms. Skip the anatomically correct posters of near naked medical figures opting instead for a more lighthearted take on health. Check out these posters that fit the bill.

Go on a Mole Hunt

Never has the annual skin check been so easy. I Heart Guts‘ educational material divulges the basics of criteria for identifying abnormal moles helping keep your patients skin cancer-free. The laminated cheat sheet is bilingual with English on the front and Spanish on the back. 

True Fact Medical Posters

True Fact Medical Posters, a creation of Pate studio, highlight fun facts about the human body with an appealing graphic arts twist. Did you know that there are more bacteria in your mouth than people on earth? Or, that your feet produce a pint of sweat per day? Useless knowledge or not, your patients will be entertained by the artwork. 

Antibiotic Awareness Campaign

While these posters don’t fit into the ‘fun’ category quite as well as the prior two picks, they are the most attractive advertisement I have identified discussing antibiotic awareness. These resources, created in the UK by the NHS, are available to print free online. Cold and flu season is coming. Decorate your clinic accordingly. 

Body System Illustrations

Need a visual for your practice? These body system illustrations should help. More visually interesting than the traditional anatomy poster, this loosely anatomical artwork can assist nurse practitioners in getting the point across. Illustrations are available for the nervous, skeletal, respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems. 

Grab Your Gonads

Another I Heart Guts creation, this poster instructs in the way of self-testicular exam. Your teenage patients are sure to forego the eye-roll when you whip out this poster to aid your explanation. 

Breast Exam Ever

Don’t forget the ladies. In similar fashion to the previous feature, the Breast Exam Ever self-exam sheet outlines the process of prevention for women. Written in Spanish and English, the publication can be helpful for reinforcing information despite a language barrier. 


What information do you post on your clinic’s walls?


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One thought on “Must-Have Posters for Your Primary Care Clinic”

  • Dave Mittman, PA, DFAAPA says:

    These are fantastic. Not sure about the “Check your balls” one with the elderly population, but you are exactly right about the waiting room walls. May I include something about PAs and or NPs to educate patients.

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