The economic forecast over the past few years has been hot and cold, up and down.  Unemployment numbers remain under close scrutiny.  How do you make sure you don’t fall into the unemployed category in this cool economic climate?

Number crunchers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics have analyzed unemployment rates for various professions.  Their numbers are encouraging indicating nurse practitioners, physicians and physician assistants should shake off concerns of job searching (as can animal breeders, tax collectors and septic tank servicers).

Here is a list of health care professions (and a few others) with the lowest rates of unemployment:

Physicians and Surgeons 0.8%

Audiologists 0.8%

Nurse Practitioners 0.9%

Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Cleaners 0.9%

Tax Examiners and Collectors 1%

Animal Breeders 1%

Physician Assistants 1.2%

The unemployment rates among health care professionals are very encouraging if you are a nurse practitioner or NP student.  Last month, U.S. News even published an article highlighting the bright job market for health care fields.  Between aging baby boomers and health care reform, the patient population is on the rise promising job opportunities for NP’s.

Curious about jobs with the highest rates of unemployment?  Riggers, iron and steel workers, telemarketers and fence erectors top the list of unsuccessful job seekers.

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