Landing a Job With a Major Healthcare System: Upcoming Webinar!

The New Year is nearly here (are you ready?!) and naturally it’s time to make a few changes. Here at ThriveAP, we’re onboard with implementing a few new features for nurse practitioners and physician assistants in 2016. One of the changes I’m most excited about? Live ThriveAP webinars!

Written content is certainly helpful for personal and professional development, but live, in (virtual) person insight and instruction provides an added layer of depth to such information. So, in 2016, ThriveAP will regularly host live webinars covering topics from applying to a nurse practitioner program to tips for finding a job in a difficult NP job market and more.

In January, ThriveAP’s new webinar series kicks off with What you need to know about applying for a job with a major healthcare system. Many nurse practitioners have expressed that applying to large employers can be a frustrating experience. How do you stand out in a stack of hundreds of online applications? What are the best steps to take to get a hospital recruiting department to respond to your desperate emails? Next month we’re calling in experts to answer these questions and more.

January 13th at 1:00pm CST, ThriveAP’s inaugural webinar will give insight into ways nurse practitioners and physician assistants can give their job applications an edge when applying to large hospitals and major healthcare systems. If you would like to attend the webinar, reserve your spot by signing up here as attendance is limited.

Not quite sure what to expect in a ThriveAP webinar? The following F.A.Q. may help.

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How do I view ThriveAP webinars?

First, let us know you plan to attend the webinar so we can email you information specific to logging in to your session of interest. The week of the webinar you will receive a link and login instructions so you can view the webinar live.

What is required to view the webinar?

ThriveAP webinars are hosted by ClickWebinar. You may view the webinar live on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. To watch the webinar on your phone, you may need to download the ClickWebinar app. To watch the webinar on your computer, you may need to download the ClickWebinar program. ClickWebinar is free to attendees and can be downloaded in a straightforward process. Steps for logging in to the webinar will be explained in the email reminder you receive regarding your webinar attendance.

Will I be participating in the webinar?

Active participation in ThriveAP webinars is optional. You may ask questions via text in the webinar platform throughout the session, or you can simply listen in. And, don’t worry – you won’t be visible on camera or heard on audio during the webinar. While we’d love to see your smiling mug, we give webinar attendees privacy.

What can I expect to learn in January 13th’s webinar?

In this upcoming webinar, top recruiting in-house experts at major national healthcare employers will be interviewed about systems and practices used to hire nurse practitioners. Recruiting experts will discuss what makes NP applicants stand out and, triggers that land your resume directly in the recycling bin. Nurse practitioners attending the webinar can expect to come away with an understanding of how the hiring process works with large employers as well as ways to become a more competitive applicant.

Sounds good – how do I reserve my spot?

To reserve your spot for ThriveAP’s upcoming webinar, What you need to know about applying for a job with a major healthcare systemshare your email address below so we can provide you with the information required to log in.

We look forward to your attendance on January 13th, 2016 at 1:00pm CST!



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