We’ve all spent a lot of time with family over the holidays. So, you may be ready for a change of pace – time with friends, perhaps? If you’re a nurse practitioner, there’s no better way to connect with friends, classmates and colleagues than attending a continuing education event. Last spring, I packed my bags and headed to Chicago to meet a former NP school classmate for a few days packed with clinical presentations and plenty of social time on the side. The getaway not only provided a respite from work but also gave us time to catch up and relax. How do you plan to fulfill your continuing education requirements this year?

Whether you’re an NP student, a new grad or an experienced nurse practitioner, check out ThriveAP’s inaugural continuing education conference, What’s Up With Primary Care Emergencies?!. Complete with sessions geared toward NPs and PAs working in urgent care, primary care and emergency medicine, this Nashville event won’t disappoint. We’ll hear from an electrophysiology NP about Can’t Miss Cardiac Events and I’ll personally be talking Deadly Drug Combinations. Not to mention, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Nashville before and after conference sessions from live music within walking distance of the conference venue to gourmet east and down-home southern BBQ. 

In the spirit of making this education event one that can also pass for a social affair, we’re giving NPs and PAs the chance to attend free! Simply invite three others to attend the conference with you. Once your invitees register, we’ll refund your registration fee. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Register for “What’s Up with Primary Care Emergencies?!” here
  2. Invite your friends, colleagues and classmates to attend. 
  3. Once three of your invitees register, give us a heads up at thriveap@thriveap.com by sending us their names and email addresses so we can verify their registrations. All invitees must be registered by January 21st to be eligible for this discount. 
  4. We’ll issue a refund for the cost of your registration fee. Congratulations, you’re attending the What’s Up?! CE conference, free!

More information about the continuing education conference can be found on the registration page. Myself and the ThriveAP team can’t wait to meet you (and your friends!) in Nashville this March! 


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