Once again, Pinterest has distracted me from the task at hand- mowing the lawn. The promise of party planning while wearing my slippers and sweats has much more allure than cutting the grass, or more like clover, that I call my lawn. So, let’s get crafty. If you know, or are yourself, a recent nursing or NP school graduate, a celebratory bash is certainly in order. What better way to kick off your career than a nursing-themed graduation party.

I’ve hit up the internet, and a few friends and family, for some of the best nursing school graduation party eats, treats, and decor that will make your affair one for the record books. Here are a few of the best ideas for creating a memorable nursing themed party for your favorite graduate.

Did someone say cake?

You can have your cookies and eat them too

What’s a party without snacks?

Raise a glass to the graduate!

Innovative invitations

Now that’s a theme party

Just the bare bones

Keeping the ‘health’ in healthcare

Congratulations to all the nursing and nurse practitioner grads out there! I wish you the best in your endeavors and fabulous graduation festivities.


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