How to Secure Your First Job

Did you miss the live webinar on “Securing Your First Job Webinar!”? Click the link below to view the recording! 

Are you a recent grad or current student finishing your NP or PA program and stressing about securing your first job? Do you wonder what employers look for and how to best communicate your qualifications? You may be wondering where to look and what to expect during the interview process? Securing that first opportunity can be a challenging and stressful task and for many providers, the process can take more than 6 months.

ThriveAP hosted a free, live webinar with guest speaker, Salisia Valentine, CRNP, Vice President of Provider Relations at American Family Care on Securing Your First Job! The webinar lasted for 60 minutes, and you can access the link below to view the recording until Wednesday, October 7th.

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1 thought on “How to Secure Your First Job”

  1. I graduated from my NP program in December 2019, took my board certification exam in January 2020, and decided to stay at my RN job due to being pregnant. I did not want to apply to my first NP job knowing that I would be going out on maternity leave shortly thereafter. I also didn’t want to risk losing the generous maternity benefits offered by my current employer. As a result of postponing the hunt for my first NP job, it appears that there is a large gap after graduating in which I was not working as an NP. Is this something that I should explain to employers even if the subject doesn’t come up in interviews? I have heard the discussing children and family can be detrimental to your job search if you are a woman (unfortunate, but apparently true according to many career resources out there). How would you recommend handling this specific issue with potential employers?

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