How Much Will an Ivy League Nurse Practitioner Education Cost You?

The prestige of an Ivy League education is a big draw for some aspiring nurse practitioners. A reputable education leaves the door open for future opportunities should the NP choose to teach, further his or her education, or simply hope to be more competitive in the job market. Highly selective nurse practitioner programs can certainly give your future career prospects an edge, but the education will cost you. How expensive is an Ivy League nurse practitioner education?

Of the eight Ivy League colleges and universities in the country, just three offer nurse practitioner programs. Here’s a quick look at these elite program offerings and their cost. 

1. The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing offers a host of MSN programs including neonatal, acute care, pediatric, family, psychiatric, women’s health specialties and more. Penn’s nurse practitioner programs are among the oldest in the country and consistently receive top marks in graduate school rankings. Programs are offered on a part-time or full-time basis. Students are also given the option to select a nursing minor such as ‘adult oncology’ or ‘global nursing’ for a more focused plan of study.

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The estimated price tag for an MSN degree from the University of Pennsylvania? $73,052 (based on the Family Nurse Practitioner degree). 

2. Columbia University 

Situated in bustling New York City, Columbia University offers future nurse practitioners unmatched opportunity. The school is designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center, is affiliated with the reputable Columbia University Medical Center, and provides student nurse practitioners with clinical placements in unique and challenging settings throughout the city. Similarly to other Ivy League NP programs, Columbia nurse practitioner students may choose from a range of specialty options including adult, family, midwifery, pediatric, psychiatric, and acute care programs

The estimated price tag for an MSN degree from Columbia University? $70,400 (based on the Family Nurse Practitioner degree). 

3. Yale University

Yale University’s School of Nursing has secured a place in nursing history as home to nursing notables like Florence S. Wald, founder of the American hospice movement and nurse researcher, theorist and author Virginia Henderson. Yale also developed the first ‘graduate entry’ program for aspiring nurse practitioners allowing students with a non-nursing degree to enter the field. Yale creates a well-rounded nursing experience by offering both global and community health service opportunities to nurse practitioner students. Additional concentrations such as diabetes care and oncology may also be added to traditional nurse practitioner specialty programs further enhancing the NP education. 

The estimated price tag for an MSN degree from Yale University? $72,394 (based on the Family Nurse Practitioner degree). 


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