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If you haven’t heard, there’s a (relatively) new specialty certification out there for nurse practitioners. Starting in 2017, the AANPCB began to offer a certification exam for emergency nurse practitioners. This exam is available to NPs who have either completed an emergency NP program at their university, or FNPs who have experience working in the emergency department. 

A new certification test brings to light a number of questions. Do I really need this certification? What kinds of questions will be asked on the exam? How do I study for the test? We will answer these questions in additional posts. Today, we will discuss the question “How likely am I to pass the new emergency NP certification exam?”. 

Now that the ENP certification exam has been out for a couple of years, we have a track record to look back on. The table below shows the pass rate on the ENP certification exam since its inception. 

Overall, test takers perform very well on this certification exam and the pass rate is higher than that for the AANPCB’s AGNP (here’s a look at AGNP pass rate stats) and FNP certification exams (…and pass rates for FNPs). While the sample size for the test is still small with only about 500 emergency certified NPs, nurse practitioners taking the plunge to get emergency certification should fare well in this endeavor. 


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