Hot Job Markets for PRN Nurse Practitioners

Could you use a little extra cash for Christmas shopping? Or, maybe your current position is part-time and you would love to take on more hours at work. PRN employment is an excellent opportunity for nurse practitioners looking to make some extra money in addition to other employment, or seeking a flexible job situation.

A PRN position allows nurse practitioners to pick up shifts, or even partial shifts, based on availability. Work when you want to, take a day off when you need it. If you are looking for a PRN nurse practitioner job, there are a few types of employers that always seem to be hiring.

Home Health

New medicare rules have created a serious need for nurse practitioners in the home health arena, But, not all of these opportunities are full-time. Many home health companies are looking to PRN nurse practitioners to help fill gaps in coverage and meet temporary demands. These opportunities typically pay NPs about $65 to $85 per patient visit. Providers are also reimbursed for mileage covering the cost of travel between sites.

Retail Medicine

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Large retail medicine chains rely heavily on PRN NPs. Clinics like the Minute Clinic in CVS stores and Little Clinics in Kroger stores have multiple locations in a single region. Although full-time nurse practitioners staff these clinics, the large number of clinics in a single area leaves plenty of opportunity for NPs looking to pick up shifts here and there. In some cases, available shifts may be so plentiful that PRN providers can work as much or as little as they want. A pool of PRN nurse practitioners is also a benefit for full-time providers as it gives freedom to take time off as needed.

Locum Tenens Opportunities

Locum tenens nurse practitioners don’t technically fall into the PRN category, but the concept is similar. Take an assignment when you are available, decline when you are not. Some locum tenens assignments cover as few as one or two shifts giving nurse practitioners the chance to earn a few extra dollars without overcommitting. These jobs are available in all specialties so whatever your area of practice, working locums could be an option for you. While locums is typically associated with travel, check for assignments in the area where you live (ThriveAP can help!). 

Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics

Urgent care clinics, walk-in clinics, and even emergency departments can almost always use extra coverage. Because these healthcare settings are often open long hours, holidays, and weekends, they often find themselves with a few shifts each month that can’t be easily filled with existing nurse practitioner staff. If you have experience working in these settings, contact local clinics to see if they could use some extra help. Employers may not have positions posted online but often see the benefit of having extra help available and may hire you regardless.

The month leading up to the holiday season is the perfect time to look for a PRN nurse practitioner position. Clinics and home health agencies are acutely aware of holiday staffing shortages. And, of course, the shopping season is an ideal time to earn a little extra cash on the side.


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