Hilarious Nursing Instagram Feeds You’ve Got to Follow

Instagram has become my go-to social media platform these days. It reads more like a lifestyle magazine with a cleaner look than Facebook and Twitter. Scrolling through photos rather than reading posts is more my speed when I have the downtime to peruse apps. While I try to keep my Insta feed pretty lighthearted (i.e. not work related) by following friends, family, and my favorite food bloggers, there are a few nursing feeds I have allowed into my mix. If you’re looking for some healthcare related laughs, check out these hilarious nurses on Instagram.



“Love our jobs but inappropriate humor keeps us sane” is the @snarkynurses tagline. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. The @snarkynurses Insta feed is maintained by med-surg turned ICU nurses with a keen sense of humor. 


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True to it’s title, @nursinglol will make you laugh out loud if you’re in the mood for some comic relief. “When you’re a nurse, there are a lot of OMG and WTF moments, but it’s the LOL that makes it all worthwhile” say the feed’s authors.


@nursehumorprn captures the innermost, sarcastic thoughts of hospital nurses everywhere. Especially night shifters.


Clever quips, quotes, and memes make up @fabulousrn1’s Instagram feed. While nursing-related content comprises most of this RN’s feed, she does include a few personal photos showing the real-life face behind the funny.


If you’re a fan of Instagram video clips, @nurselifern is the feed for you. In contrast to our prior Instagram picks, @nurselifern goes above and beyond your average meme with animated posts.


@nursingproblems keeps Instagram posts a bit cleaner than other humorous medical feeds allowing users to enjoy a laugh with family-friendly language.


The Gomer Blog has captured the medical satire news market. Fans of the blog may also enjoy the healthcare irony with the @gomerblog Insta feed. Stories like “General Surgeon Moves Clinic to Operating Room, Cites Excessive Patient Consciousness” are sure to elicit a laugh. 


@nursesofinstagram is a compilation of funnies from nurses across the globe. “No matter where we practice, we can all relate”, say the feed’s authors. It turns out, when a group of RN’s get their heads together, we’re downright hilarious. 


This feed may capture the thoughts of nurses and other healthcare providers better than any other. With a smattering of nursing and general medical posts, you won’t be able to stop scrolling through @medicalhumor’s feed.

Who are your favorite nursing Instagrammers?


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