I’m probably aging myself here, but when I was in my nurse practitioner program I sold my textbooks at the end of each semester in-person. Large moving vans pulled up to the edges of campus, staffers in each promising to offer better buyback deals than those hawking the other side of the school.

Regardless of the vendor I selected each semester as I sold back my load of nursing textbooks, walking away with cold, hard cash for something that otherwise would have collected dust in my basement made me smile. The money I earned selling back my textbooks was always reserved to spend on a small luxury, perhaps dinner with a friend or a trip to the mall. 

Needless to say, times have changed since I graduated from my nurse practitioner program seven(!) years ago. I now order household goods and clothing almost exclusively online saving myself time and money. This weekend, I spent time with my younger grad student sister who gave me the scoop on the best way to do the same when it comes to textbooks.

Maximizing buyback potential when it comes to your textbooks can save you hundreds of dollars a year in educational costs (not to mention ease the pain of shelling out cash for new books at the beginning of each term). While there are several businesses devoted to the buying and selling of textbooks online, one site compares them all helping you make the best decisions when it comes to NP program textbook purchases and sales.

With BigWords, nursing and nurse practitioner students enter the name, subject, or ISBN number for the textbook they are looking to buy or sell. BigWords then generates a list of websites selling the book and lists the cost of purchasing or renting the read as well as the amount the vendor will pay to buy back the book at a later date. BigWords also calculates the net cost of the textbook assuming you buy and sell back the book to the same vendor.

Cool, huh? With most information you’ll need in your clinical practice conveniently accessible online, it unlikely you will use textbooks from your nurse practitioner program in the future. Selling your books back online can help defray at least some of the expense of your NP program.

Do you sell your books back at the end of the semester?


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