Today, I’m excited to announce ThriveAP’s partnership with the Health:Further Festival taking place in Nashville August 27th-29th, 2018 at the Music City Center. Health:Further is unlike any other conference or festival you’ve ever been to—it’s specifically focused on brining together an open community of innovators, payers, providers, and innovators dedicated to improving patient care and building the networks to lead change.

This year, for the first time ever, they’ll be offering a Clinician Innovator and Entrepreneur programming track dedicated to us, the clinicians, that actually provide the frontline care for patients and their families.  Too often, we’ve seen health innovation efforts move forward without good clinician input, often failing to effectively improve patient outcomes or meet the needs of care providers. Health:Further believes that by bringing clinicians to the table, we can make healthcare better for everyone. I’ll be participating as a speaker at the Festival, on behalf of the advanced practice community, and I hope you can join me at the event.

Over the past three years, Health:Further has grown to become the leading healthcare innovation conference in the United States with thousands of attendees from across the healthcare industry. Sessions at the Clinician Innovator and Entrepreneur Track will feature thought leaders discussing how to leverage a clinical background to develop meaningful innovation, ways to balance a clinical career with the demands of entrepreneurship, and effective ways to lead change in large provider organizations.

Clinician attendees will be able to purchase a discounted ticket that provides full festival access and offers the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and provide valuable insight into clinical needs. If you’re interested in building your own company or working as a chief medical officer, this is your chance to learn more about it and connect with companies that are looking.  Whether you’re just starting to learn about the innovation space or an experienced entrepreneur, there will be something for you at Health:Further.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased at www.healthfurther.com, I look forward to seeing you in Nashville next month! 

– Erin


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