Healthcare Themed Baby Gifts for the New NP Mom

I find myself in that stage of life where my friends and colleagues all seem to be having babies…constantly. For the first child, I tend to gift baby essentials as they’re much needed for first time moms. But, what about those friends and colleagues going on baby number two or three? 

It can be fun to give your baby gifts a more personal touch, especially once the essentials are covered. So, if you’re a nurse practitioner looking to shower a friend, colleague or classmate in healthcare, here are a few fun ideas. 

1. The Little Patient Doll 

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It’s what’s inside that counts! The Little Patient Doll is an ample learning opportunity for healthcare providers in the making, at least when it comes to six essential organs – the lungs, heart, intestines, liver, spleen and kidneys. Better yet, you can customize the gender of your patient to match the recipient. 

2. Dr. Seuss Board Book Collection

A childhood classic, Dr. Seuss doesn’t neglect health-related plot lines. Give your healthcare friend the gift of a few relevant books to their child’s growing library. Relevant titles include Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb; The Eye Book; The Tooth Book; The Foot Book and Inside Your Outside

3. Infant Scrubs

There’s nothing better than dressing up a new little one. Go for the mommy or daddy and me outfit theme with a set of infant scrubs, a scrub-like onesie, or a medical bib.

4. Push Organs

Do stuffed animals seem a little over done to you? If so, give your healthcare pal’s kid a Plush Organ or two. From the kidney, heart, stomach and colon to the brain, lungs, pancreas and spleen, there’s an organ for providers of every specialty. 

5. Parker the Interactive Bear Patient

Parker the Bear takes pediatric patient care to the next level. Parker pairs with an app allowing children to check his temperature, give an x-ray and cure booboos. Perhaps a gift for a new older sibling?

What healthcare themed gifts have you given to new arrivals?


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