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In 2012, photographer Carolyn Jones set out across the country to capture the lives of nurses with her camera. She heard touching stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs, recording these experiences in film and photo. Her impressive book chronicles the life of 75 nurses painting a portrait of American nursing. Now, she has put her work to film.

Last week, The American Nurse movie premiered in honor of Nurses Week. The film follows five nurses living in five very different locations and practice settings recording their fascinating stories. From nursing home director Sister Stephen, a nun who utilizes animal therapy, to military nurse Brian McMillion who rehabilitates our nation’s heroes as they return from war, Carolyn Jones captures a diverse picture of nursing. Her documentary explores some of the biggest issues facing our country today, aging, poverty, and prisons, through the eyes of nurses.

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to see the full length film as it is not playing in Tennessee. But, if you live in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California and a handful of other states there are a few theaters continuing to feature The American Nurse. If Carolyn’s film is anything like her book, the flick promises to be emotional, inspiring, and uplifting, especially for those of us working in the medical field.

I plan to see The American Nurse next time I visit New York City and am excited to watch the film in it’s entirety. If you can’t catch the movie, check out the trailer for a sneak peek.

Did you see The American Nurse Movie? If so, share you experience!


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One thought on “Have You Seen The American Nurse Movie?”

  • Kathie Mahony, MSN, FNP-BC says:

    I really enjoyed the movie with my fellow NPs. It was very touching in some scenes as the nurses featured spoke of their path and their patients that they take care of. I also teach nursing and highly recommended it to be shone to our students. They are going to try and get a copy for the school.

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