Unlike my primary care colleagues, working as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department, I wear scrubs on the job. And, I like it. Most of the time. Scrubs are easy, they’re comfortable, and they have an expandable waistband which comes in handy for my night shift snacking habit. Although wearing scrubs makes for a pretty boring work wardrobe and can leave me feeling frumpy at times, the convenience can’t be beat. Recently, some companies have tried to make the best of both worlds by offering trendy scrub options to those tired of donning boxy, blue outfits. But, have they taken their attempts too far?

I’m all about testing a new trend here and there. So, as I was flicking through my Instagram feed and noticed an advertisement for Jaanuu scrubs come across my screen, I paused. I hadn’t heard of the scrub line previously and decided to check it out. While the brand does carry a line of more traditional scrub tops and some cute skinny bottoms, other selections were a bit much for my taste.

Somehow fishing out foreign bodies in sleeves with a faux leather accent, or a collar and shiny gold zipper decorating the front, don’t quite go together in my book. These accents also look like they would cut into the comfort factor scrubs offer. That’s definitely not something I’m interested in sacrificing for style. Finally, given that I sanitize my scrubs with a wash on the ultra hot, extra rinse cycle when I get home from work, I’m not sure that these trends can take a laundry beating (I’m open to being proven wrong).

Athletic wear has undergone a similar transformation in recent years. No longer are workout selections limited to mesh shorts of a few colors. Rather, one can choose from fabrics with patterns, cutouts, and other forms of glam. It seems scrubs are next on the style transformation list. Will you participate in the trend?


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1 thought on “Have Trendy Scrubs Gone Too Far?”

  1. Well I come from the era of white uniform, white hose, white shoes and yes, nursing cap. Now as a NP for over 10 years I feel that nurses are not recognizable from any other medical person or for that matter any person since scrubs are worn by all. I will have to admit there was something to be said for always knowing who a nurse was by uniform. But comfort is important too. But this stuff is going to the realm of ridiculous and not proper for a nursing professional. I have worked with nurses whose pants were so tight when they bent over their butt crack showed. Nothing professional about that. There used to be a saying “dress for sucess”. I miss that.

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