Happy NP Week 2018 + Giveaway!

By Our Friends at Medelita

Each year we look forward to Nurse Practitioner Week as a time to celebrate the amazing work of NPs across the country, and to raise awareness for the critical role NPs play in our healthcare system. As our healthcare system gets more and more convoluted, patients can count on these highly skilled, advanced practice nurses to provide compassionate care and patient education to lead a healthy lifestyle.

To celebrate the NP profession, Medelita is giving away a free Medelita makeover for one lucky Nurse Practitioner! This prize will include a set of custom embroidered scrubs, scrub jacket, lab coat, and stethoscope.

Medelita garments are perfect for NPs and medical professionals who typically face very hectic schedules because they are extremely low maintenance and don’t require any special care. The performance features of the fabric are integrated into the very fiber of the yarn and won’t wash out, ever. You can wash these performance scrubs and lab coats on the hottest possible industrial laundry settings, and they will still look as good at wash 100 as they did when you first got them – in fact, Medelita guarantees the performance of all their products with a yearlong warranty, and they are the only scrubs and lab coats company to offer any sort of warranty on their gear.

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The founder of Medelita worked in Emergency Medicine for over a decade, and she used her experience to create scrubs and lab coats that could stand up to the rigors of a 16-hour shift and beyond. Designed to breathe and move with you, wick away moisture and sweat, and with antimicrobial properties that won’t wash out, Medelita scrubs and lab coats are uniquely equipped for medical professionals to help you do your job in comfort and ease (did we mention that there are up to 10 pockets plus a scissors loop in one set of scrubs?).

The winner of this year’s NP Week giveaway will win a full personalized Medelita makeover valued at over $400. Click here to browse Medelita lab coats + scrubs and comment below or email thriveap@thriveap.com  with the reason you could use a Medelita makeover to enter and win!


Happy NP Week 2018! 

30 thoughts on “Happy NP Week 2018 + Giveaway!”

  1. Rhonda Cartee FNP-BC

    I have been a NP for 14 years and I’m back in the job market. It’s been tough and Medelita is exactly what I need for a boost!

  2. I am a NP student with only three quarters left. With working full time and going to school full time at 55 years old, some wonderful scrubs and a lab coat would be greatly appreciated. My spouse is retired and on social security, so money for scrubs is sort of a luxury that I don’t have. I appreciate that Medilita is doing this for NPs!! Thanks!

  3. Sharon Simon, FNP-C

    I have heard such great things about these scrubs – been wanting to try them. This would be a special treat!

  4. Tracy Richardville

    Who wouldn’t love a wardrobe that stands up to the rigors of a busy medical practice. Thank you Medelita for making such great products!

  5. I work in GI as an NP and I absolutely love it but the pay is not the best. My husband is back in school, so finances are stretched. I’d love the Medelita items to spruce up my work wear and not feel so dumpy in my old white coat and cheap scrubs.

  6. I am not only a new NP but one that has been working to improve my own health in addition to that of my patient’s. Having gained >45 pounds while in school I found it hard to give advice/recommendations for weight loss and healthy lifestyle. It was the classic case of “do what I say, not what I do”. This did not sit well with me so I have since lost 30+ pounds and finding all my scrubs and lab coat no longer fit…or at lease not well. While this is good news it is a struggle…it would be great for Medelita to come to my rescue!!!

  7. I would love to celebrate my first year of being an NP with a makeover! I have 11 week old triplets, and so I am doing good just to get dressed every day. I work for an awesome vascular surgeon, and see patients both in the hospital setting and in clinic.

  8. Jennifer N Ellison, FNP

    I have been an FNP for 8.5 yrs. I work with the under-served population, but due to cost we are made to purchase our own attire including Lab coats. I would definitely benefit from a new lab coat or any scrub attire as I am constantly washing mine the night before for the next work day.
    Thank you for considering me on your list !

    Jennifer Ellison, APRN, FNP- BC

  9. I work in several busy ICU at our institution, Medlitas comfortable fabric plus professional appearance could help me go from trauma to bedside to family meeting with ease during my 14 hours day



  11. I would love a makeover, I am a recent graduate but want to look ‘fresh and professional” as a professional in her 50’s can.

  12. My fiancé and I are getting married next year and we just bought a house together so finances are quite tight, especially as I’m currently studying for my NP degree. I do still work some as a RN so some new comfy scrubs from Medelita will allow me to allocate that money to other better places! I can use the scrubs right away and break out the lab coat for when I’m a newly minted NP! Thanks for the opportunity from Midlevel U and Medelita!

  13. Connie Lynn Woroszylo

    Thank you Erin and Medelita for teaming up for Nurse Practitioner Week! Both leaders in health care and both knowledgable regarding the rigors of NPs everywhere! I would love a make-over that will withstand my job and be the envy of the office!

  14. Jennifer Armfield

    My wardrobe could use a serious update. I’m an ACNP working in Neurology. I often feel like I’m wearing the same clothes over and over. Winning this giveaway would be a true blessing.

  15. Thank you for providing this opportunity! Just made a big move cross country (at my own expense) for my dream job as Women’s Health NP in VA. This Medelita prize would be a wonderful way to look and feel great as I have no funds for a new wardrobe. Thank you!

  16. Thank you for providing this opportunity! Just made a big move cross country (at my own expense) for my dream job as Women’s Health NP in VA. This Medelita prize would be a wonderful way to look and feel great as I have no funds for a new wardrobe. Thank you!

  17. As a brand new NP, I am finally starting my first position at the end of the month. A prolonged period of unemployment between graduation and finding an NP job in my new state left my bank account depleted. I would be extremely grateful for the Medelita makeover!!

  18. NP in the ED going through a divorce. Work and home life has got me down, and I’ve neglected self-care for years in a codependent relationship — I could use a makeover to help feel good about me again! Thanks for the chance and happy NP week!

  19. I work as an NP in an industrial/urgent care center. Many lacerations ranging from minor to complicated level together with lots of other types of procedures. Most shifts are 12 hrs and beyond as needed. Would really love to have a set that stands the rigors of those procedures.

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