Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th! I hope you have some all-American plans lined up to celebrate Independence Day. Weather permitting, I plan to spend some time poolside with friends, fire up the grill, and watch evening fireworks. What’s on your agenda for the day? If you could use some downtime reading while you get a little holiday R&R, check out this week’s medical news on the lighter side. 

Self-administered microneedle patch could make the flu vaccine more accessible. The new device developed at Georgia Tech can be applied at home. Simply place the patch on the skin, press down, let it sit for a few minutes, and peel off. Initial trials have proven to be promising.

How sleepless is your state?

You’re not a nice person when it’s hot outside. According to a new study, uncomfortably hot environments make people less likely to help others in need. In fact, a really hot day can even induce feelings of grumpiness and hostility toward those around you. 

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C. diff infections are falling. Thanks to better cleaning and fewer antibiotics, the risk of catching the hospital-acquired infection is decreasing. 

In a world first, MDMA will be used to treat alcohol addiction. The clinical trial will investigate possible therapeutic effects that the active ingredient in Ecstasy could have on people grappling with alcohol addiction. 

You’re treating pink eye the wrong way. Six in ten people in the U.S. diagnosed with conjunctivitis are prescribed antibiotic drops according to a recent study. The problem? Most of these infections are viral. 

EMTs finish mowing elderly woman’s lawn in Texas heat. A crew of emergency responders noticed a 98-year-old woman struggling to mow her lawn in the hot Texas sun. So, they pulled over to take a turn at the job. 

Smart kids live longer. A new study suggests that intelligent children live longer than their less gifted peers. Lower scores on childhood intelligence tests were associated with death from heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, lung cancer and stomach cancer. The cause of the phenomenon remains a mystery. 

Study says you feel more attractive when you wear red. If you’re looking for a confidence boost, slip on something in the fiery color indicate the results of recent research. Prior studies have suggested the color is mentally associated with power and strength. 

Have a fantastic 4th! 


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