Happy 4th! The Nurse Practitioner Patriotic Link Pack

Happy Independence Day! It is officially my favorite holiday weekend. The 4th captures the quintessential American spirit, and I love the chance to appreciate our country. Not to mention, I can’t wait for three days spent lounging poolside, eating every red, white, and blue food item in sight. My husband and I are entertaining friends this weekend and plan to grill, grill, grill…and light a few sparklers. What do you have planned for the holiday?

In honor of Independence Day, Here at MU headquarters, we’ve compiled our favorite patriotic(ish) posts from the ThriveAP blog. If you find yourself with some free time between hot dog eating and fireworks viewing, check out these articles to add a touch of nurse practitioner life to your celebration of our country.

Have You Heard of the American Nurse Project?

Nurses are so very American. Filmmaker Carolyn Jones has crafted a full length documentary featuring nurses working in a variety of settings from sea to shining sea. Watching the flick makes the perfect rainy Independence Day activity.

Red vs. Blue States: Which Have Higher Nurse Practitioner Salaries?

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The media’s incessant focus on politics this election year forces us to analyze our views. Do state politics affect how much you’re paid as a nurse practitioner? It’s a question worth considering as you prepare to cast a vote in November.

George Washington’s Teeth and Lincoln’s ‘Melancholia’: Health Problems of U.S. Presidents

The leaders of our country aren’t immune from health ailments. From Grover Cleveland’s secret oral surgery to Lyndon Johnson’s cholecystectomy, check out the medical problems of U.S. presidents.

An Inside Look at Life as an Army Nurse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a nurse in the military? Captain Lisa Dukes, RN, gives ThriveAP the story of her deployment to Afghanistan.

Timeline: History of the U.S. Healthcare System

Yeah, yeah, thinking about our healthcare system doesn’t exactly want to make me break out in a rendition of “America the Beautiful”, but the system’s development has a uniquely American story. International conflict, American politics, and the country’s private sector are featured in this brief overview of the road to our current healthcare delivery mess.

The 50th Anniversary of the Nurse Practitioner Profession: Reflections

The nurse practitioner profession has extended itself internationally, but its roots are here in the United States. Against all odds, Loretta Ford ignored naysayers, founding an extension of nursing that has now provided care for millions of patients.

Have a fantastic July 4th weekend!


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