A Giveaway(!) to Celebrate Nurse Practitioner Week

How is your Nurse Practitioner Week going? Mine has been, well, stressful. Not exactly the way I wanted to celebrate our profession, but it’s part of the job! I hope Nurse Practitioner Week 2016 has been a good one for you, and that you’ve been able to take a little time to reflect on just why you love being an NP. I also highly recommend using the occasion as an excuse to book an appointment at the spa…

In honor of all the hard work that we as nurse practitioners do, one of ThriveAP’s favorite apparel brands is sponsoring a giveaway to commemorate NP week. FIGS is giving away a set of scrubs to one lucky ThriveAP reader. 

Here at ThriveAP HQ, we love FIGS’ fresh take on medical wear. It’s hard to distinguish scrubs from one another, but somehow FIGS has pulled it off. From technical fabric to tailored bottoms, as well as the variety of cuts and styles offered by the brand, nurse practitioners are sure to find the fit they’re looking for with FIGS. The brand also offers underscrub options from long and short sleeved tees to thicker, seamless tops perfect for pairing with scrubs in chilly winter weather. 

FIGS doesn’t stop at scrubs and underscrub layers. Complete your healthcare wardrobe with FIGS’ casual outerwear, ideal for throwing on during early morning commutes, or to cozy up after a long hospital shift. The ultra-cozy fleece is oh-so warm and perfectly fitted. This fall, we’re also loving FIGS’ super chill Micro-fill Vest

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Enter to win a set of scrubs this Nurse Practitioner Week by emailing giveaways@thriveap.com or by commenting below with the reason you could use some new work apparel. 

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!


8 thoughts on “A Giveaway(!) to Celebrate Nurse Practitioner Week”

  1. I will need new scrubs as soon as I finish school. And I’ll probably never wear this color again!…lol
    P.S. I can’t wait to be done and get involved with MMU…great idea!!
  2. I just started my first NP job at a rural ER – we stay crazy busy and if you’re going to wear something for 12 hours, it better be comfortable! I’ve heard great things about FIGS and would love to try them.

  3. I love comfortable scrubs. When my job gets crazy it is nice to be comfortable in subscribe , at least it is one thing that is going g right.

  4. I have to buy all new scrubs as I just graduated and I am starting a new job. In December!! We all know that free is good after finishing school!!

  5. I just started my new job as a Nurse Practitioner. A new pair of scrubs for a new job would be an added blessing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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