By ThriveAP Intern and Aspiring NP Ashley Prince

Are perplexed about what to give your favorite nursing, NP, or PA student for the holidays this year? While stethoscope covers, NCLEX review books, or monogrammed tumblers are traditional ideas, sometimes it’s nice to think outside the box, especially if your beloved student has a clinical bag for every day of the week. Here’s a lit of more original ideas to help NP and PA students alike get through the day to day challenges of academic life.

I guarantee, your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated!


Noise Canceling Headphones ($299)

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It’s a situation all too familiar- student goes to the library, caffeine-laden beverage in hand, prepared to do some serious studying, when they are interrupted by that group in the corner willfully ignoring the “quiet area” signs. These headphones bring an end to ruined study sessions and are great for getting some shut-eye when the rest of campus is celebrating Thirsty Thursday before early morning clinicals.


Travel Mug ($20)

Caffeine is a must for the student on the go. Travel mugs keep your favorite drinks warm forever (with forever being about two hours, but still longer than average!). Pair this gift with the noise canceling headphones I mentioned above and you’ve gifted all the makings of the perfect study session. Try customizing a travel mug with photos or purchase one themed with a hobby or coordinating with a recent vacation for a more sentimental touch.


iPad Keyboards, Stylus, and Notability App ($2.99-$37)

Nursing school courses are often so fast-paced it’s hard for students to take traditional pen and paper notes. The remaining options aren’t that great either- spending extra money on ink to print out all those lecture slides or lugging a laptop around campus. Enter Notability. This inexpensive app allows students to create subjects and download notes from class all in one place. The app also allows for penning notes directly onto slides with a stylus, free typing notes, and even record lectures for later listening.


Memory Foam Mattress Topper and/or Pillow ($50-$299)

After a long day of clinical hours on your feet, a memory foam mattress topper feels like heaven on earth! Students residing on campus will be especially appreciative of the gift. Just make sure to warn the recipient to be sure to set an alarm clock (another gift idea??)- they may not want to wake up for class!


Crock-Pot ($30)

With a long day of class behind them and a full night of studying ahead, no student wants the burden of cooking dinner. Crockpots are easy to use and can help easily prepare a healthy, delicious meal with very little work. Personally, I just throw the ingredients in the pot in the morning and come home to a ready dinner. Many recipes that require almost no prep work can be found online for free, so no need to worry about gifting an accompanying cookbook. Instead, try printing off a few of your favorite recipes to go with the gift.


Netflix Subscription ($9/month)

What better gift than a Netflix subscription…or the password to your own account! As students we don’t get a lot of downtime and still may associate the term “marathon” less with running and more with our TV viewing habits. When we do get the rare day off, it’s nice to be able to relax on the couch with a favorite show or movie for a bit. As an added bonus, Netflix can also replace a pricey cable bill.


NP and PA students- what’s on your Christmas list this year?


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