Finals Week Fashion: 10 Tees for Nurse Practitioner Students

While most of us are preparing for spring by eeking out a base tan, sprucing up our yards, and planning late summer getaways, if you’re a nurse practitioner student you might not have quite the same sense of excitement about May’s arrival. No, you’ve got finals week hanging over your head. Before you can move on to embracing the spirit of spring there is work to do.

Preparing for finals is pretty much a major drag, so if there’s anyone who deserves a Nurses Week gift this year it’s you. And, what better way to pamper yourself than a purchase something useful during such a time. The finals week uniform universally consists of some sort of sweats and tees. So, we’ve come up with a few fun, must have t-shirts for nurse practitioner students to wear during this month’s impending cram sessions.

1. Today’s Forecast Tee

Unfortunately, early morning study sessions coupled with late nights and finishing up clinical hours are likely to leave you stuck indoors. Your future consists of sitting behind a computer typing essays and trying to jog your brain when it comes to recalling pharmacology facts. Yes, it’s safe to say there’s a good chance you’ll be spending some time inside and online in the coming weeks.


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2. I Like Big Books Tee

Even though schools are making the move to posting study materials online, it seems the oversized, back-breaking text book isn’t going anywhere. At least not yet. If you’re a child of the ’80’s, rock this tee in celebration of finals week.

3. Nap It Out Tee

Some study sessions are just more effective after taking a break. What better way to rejuvenate than an afternoon snooze session?

4. Nerd Alert Sweatshirt

If you’re actually sadistic enough to enjoy finals week, this is the shirt for you.

5. A Student’s Wish List Baseball Tee

Sometimes it seems ironic that you’re actually paying your NP program to inflict the pain of finals week upon you. If Santa doesn’t pull through and take care of your student loans, there are a few other option for nurse practitioners hoping to quickly pay off a chunk of student loans.

6. Rich Husband Tank

Alright, alright, feminists relax. This one’s just for fun. Obviously once you make it through finals week and ultimately your NP program you will be well equip to provide for yourself and family. Keep the end in mind!

7. Enjoy Serotonin Tee

Wearing this tee doubles as a mini neuro study session.

8. I’d Rather Party Tank

Your social life is likely at an all time low this week as you prepare for final exams. Don’t give in to the temptation to give up! Winter break is just around the corner.

9. Fitness, Health and Pizza Tee

Even nurses deserve a little stress eating every now and then. Embrace the munchies this week.

10. I’ve Got 99 Problems Tee

Somehow professors know just how to time things so they work out as inconveniently as possible.


Best of luck on your final exams and projects!


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