What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Better yet, moms, what are your kids getting their dad for Father’s Day? If you’re a mother Father’s Day is a double duty holiday. Not only do you have to rack your brain to think of a gift for your own dear ‘ole dad, you’ve got your children’s gifts to arrange a well. Fortunately, a few individuals and companies much more creative than I have thought up a few gift ideas for guys your kids can give to light up dad’s day at work.

Check out these gifts for the medical father.

1. Your Child’s Drawing Keychain

Early mornings at the hospital can be hard to face. A keychain customized with your child’s drawing is sure to light up dad’s commute. Bonus points for keychains featuring your child’s portrait of their father.

2. Framed Desktop Photo

Chances are the decor in dad’s workplace leaves a little to be desired. Take a Father’s Day themed photo of your kids for their dad’s locker or frame a copy for his desk. The sentiment is sure to make him smile. This blog post shares some creative, easy to execute ideas.

3. Scribble Mug

If your little ones are a little young to draw a coherent picture on their own, make a scribble mug. Consider using medical decals for the nurse practitioner dad making the mug the perfect accessory for early morning shifts.

4. Personalized Snack Jars

What dude doesn’t need a little nourishment during a 12-hour shift on his feet? Not only do these creative snack jars make great desk decor, they serves as sustenance when a packed waiting room doesn’t allow time for a lunch break.

5. Personalized Scrubs

Let your kids craft the perfect work duds for dad with CustomInk’s scrub design feature. Upload a copy of your child’s handprint, latest drawing, or the logo of dad’s favorite sports team so he can wear the creation to work with pride.


Moms, any other gift ideas to share for the medical dad?


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