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If you’ve considered looking into nurse practitioner residencies, this program deserves a glance. Like to the way Teach for America places teachers in schools with educational needs across the country, ThriveAP+ places nurse practitioners in medically underserved sites nationwide. Here, NPs can improve upon clinical skills in a supportive environment and provide much needed care to underserved populations.

Naturally, when I tell nurse practitioners about the program, they have a number of questions. Where will I be placed? How does the program work? If ThriveAP+ sounds like a program that might interest you, check out the following F.A.Q. for more information.

What is the purpose of ThriveAP+?

The philosophy behind NPs or PAs participation in ThriveAP+ is similar to that of teachers participating in the Teach for America program. You use your developing talents as a nurse practitioner to serve in an area of medical need. Throughout your program you will grow your clinical skill set with online, interactive live webinars, a hands-on Skills Lab, continued mentorship, and onsite support at the facility you match with. It’s a year-long commitment, but many of our providers stay at the site they match with well beyond a year.

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Where will ThriveAP+ participants be placed?

Participants will be placed in healthcare facilities across the country that reach medically underserved communities and populations. Some of these may be in rural communities, while other in large cities. The placement of ThriveAP+ providers in such facilities benefits patients, you as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, and our healthcare community as a whole.

Most sites allow NPs and PAs the opportunity to apply for federal student loan repayment programs through the NHSC. Additionally, clinics and hospitals located in medically underserved areas offer the opportunity to continue learning in a supportive, community environment.

Do I get to choose where I am placed?

Throughout the ThriveAP+ application and placement process you will be given a chance to share your preferences regarding practice specialty, setting, and location. We will provide as much information as we can about available practice sites to help you select from the sites to which you are accepted. In selecting your placement options we will do our best to place you in one of your most preferred regions and settings as long as your qualifications meet the requirements.

While your preferences are an important factor in our decisions, we may not be able to place you in your most preferred spots. Our top priorities are professional development on part of the NP or PA and serving communities in medical need. Your placement is chosen so that your efforts can have the greatest impact. The providers with the most flexibility to relocate tend to have the highest chances of securing a match with a facility.

Will I receive training and support outside of the facility where I am placed?

The ThriveAP+ experience includes a multi-day Skills Lab in Nashville, Tennessee — home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken and, of course, ThriveAP headquarters. Throughout your experience, you will attend weekly webinars devoted to expanding your clinical skills and knowledge, promoting professional development, and interacting with fellow ThriveAP+ participants, class leaders, and faculty. Your practice site hosts participants with the expectation that continued learning opportunities and support are required to help the new nurse practitioner reach his or her full potential.

How long is the ThriveAP+ experience?

Participants are required to give a 12-month commitment to the program. Providers who wish to remain at their facility for additional time have the opportunity to do so provided the host facility is also willing to extend a long-term employment offer. Participants may also wish to accept a full-time position with the facility where they are placed following the experience should an opportunity be available, however this is not always expected.

Where is ThriveAP+ currently matching?

ThriveAP+ matches at all times of the year. Our available sites change frequently as new sites become available and others secure a match. Right now, we are actively seeking candidates to match at sites in New Mexico, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Washington DC. If any of these locations are of interest to you, please fill out the application below!

When can I apply?

ThriveAP+ operates on a rolling curriculum, which means we accept applications and match at all times of the year! Apply anytime for a chance to be matched and start your residency program!

Please click the link below to apply today. For all other inquiries, please reach out to info@thriveap.com.

ThriveAP+ Application

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