By Nursing Student and Future NP Olivia DeFilippo

Pharmacology requires constant attention and hard work. You use acronyms, stories and pictures to help memorize drug information. Being a visual learner, I personally have spent countless hours making color-coded charts to learn the similarities and differences of each drug class.

In studying pharmacology, my advice to you is to take a trial and error approach to your first exam to determine how you will learn best. Use charts and pictures, listen to the lecture again at home, write out your notes over and over again, and finally, talk out the information. After the first exam you will know which method worked best for you. For me, charts and saying the information out-loud are the most effective way to memorize and make sense of the information.

For visual learners like me, I have discovered pure gold when is comes to helping with my pharmacology courses. The amazing Nurse Nacole (I have mentioned her YouTube videos in a prior post) also has an Etsy shop! Her Etsy shop is unique to all other Etsy shops in that it helps nursing students study. Nurse Nacole’s big sellers are pre-made medication charts and nursing flashcards. She also sells charts for electrolytes, PRN medications, and respiratory and lung diseases. These charts will not only help you visualize and memorize the information they are also good for future reference.

If pre-made charts aren’t your style and you would rather learn in the process of making them yourself, you can also purchase blank charts from Nurse Nacole and fill in the information yourself. Perfection. With these resources you’ll be excelling in your pharmacology class in no time!

What other resources do you find helpful in studying for pharmacology?


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