Good morning ThriveAP readers!  I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start.  If you have the day off or are up for a late morning break, don’t miss Happening Now on FOX News at 11:40am EST.  Today I will be on the show discussing a new study showing that U.S. women are dying younger than their mothers- and no one knows why.

While the study doesn’t give us much insight into the causes of this disturbing find, I have a few ideas of what could be behind this trend towards decreasing life expectancy.  So, tune in as I discuss this study along with Dr. Nina Radcliff and Dr. Natalie Azar.

After watching the clip, what are your thoughts on why life expectancy among women is decreasing?  How can we reverse this trend?

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Happening Now on FOX News Today!”

  • Nice interview- although the term midlevel is very derogatory term for advance practice nurses! It assumes they practice at mid level with physicians as the only provider giving high level care.

  • I was given the name of the cardioligist when I was released from the hospital to follow up. It took me 3 additional visits to his office only meeting his ARNP for monitors, perscriptions &cardiogram and on the fourth visit I finally met the doctor. My visit with him was informative and he was pleasant. He ordered a stress test and an echo of my legs which I took the following week. I received a phone call the following day from his ARNP who advised me that he was reccomending
    an implant to further moniter my heart. I told her I had an appt with the doctor in two weeks and would discuss it further with him. I showed up for my appt with him and was told I would be seeing his ARNP once again . I refused. Is this normal behavior for doctors to rarely see their patients, and not let them know in advance who they will be seeing.?

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