Don’t Miss Fox and Friends Saturday

Calling all early risers! If you are a. a mom without the luxury of sleeping in, b. a morning person, or c. supper supportive and motivated, don’t miss Fox and Friends Saturday morning in the 6 o’clock hour. This week I will be discussing the late season wave of influenza hitting the Northeast and a new study showing that MRSA is endemic in American homes.

Just when most of us were quite certain flu season had transitioned to allergy season, influenza began to rear it’s ugly head once again in Northern states. It is not unheard of for flu season to last through May, but we haven’t witnessed this phenomenon in the past few years.

If you are a nurse practitioner, your patients are sure to have questions about the influenza vaccine, flu symptoms, and treatment in the face of this recent epidemic. So, tune in to Fox and Friends Saturday, April 26th to get answers to commonly asked questions about this late season influenza outbreak.

In other news, a new study released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that MRSA is now endemic in U.S. homes. The study looked at the genetic code in MRSA bacteria from samples taken in 161 New York City residences. The study showed that not only are individuals who are colonized with, or infected by MRSA, sharing the bacteria with housemates, they are spreading the antibiotic resistant bug into other parts of the community.

MRSA is a widely acknowledged public health issue and this study further highlights the problem of antibiotic resistance. Only a handful of antibiotics effectively eradicate MRSA making treatment especially difficult in patients with allergies and chronic health problems. Antibiotic overuse will only continue to make treatment more difficult.

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Along with discussing the new study, I will be giving a few simple tips for helping to keep your home MRSA-free. So, have those cleaning gloves and a bottle of disinfectant handy.

To get the scoop on these stories and more, tune in to Fox and Friends Saturday morning!


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