DIY Holiday Weekend Project for Nursing School Grads

I’ve got big plans for being productive this Labor Day weekend. My email inbox is filled with those messages that require a lengthy reply. My yard is in a state of disrepair. And, my house could use some touching up for fall, a little splash of paint here and a new window treatment there. With some touch-ups (…and a few new purchases) my living room will be back in comfy condition. Kicking off September next week with my life in order will feel so good. If you’re a recent nursing or NP grad with some long weekend motivation, check out this fun DIY project. 

Saving keepsakes can be a major pain. Stored away in boxes, they collect dust not to mention are hidden from view. If you aren’t quite sure what to do with your memorabilia from nursing school or your NP program, consider making a shadow box. This way, you can tastefully boast of your accomplishments and, of course, score some cost effective wall decor. Here’s how to create a shadow box memorializing your nursing school years. 

#1: Gather supplies

To make a shadow box, you’ll need a pre-fab shadow box frame. These can be purchased online or at your local craft store. You will also need pins, tacks and glue to secure your keepsakes inside the frame along with any memorabilia, photors or decorative touches you’d like to include in your box. 

#2: Artfully arrange your keepsakes

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Before you commit to gluing, pinning or otherwise affixing the elements of your shadow box, arrange them on the surface of the inside of the box so you don’t make any mistakes. Layer the elements of the box for the best effect. Mix textures like paper mementos or photos next to or on top of fabrics. A slightly ‘messy’ but well thought out arrangement keeps your box visually interesting. 

#3: Display your DIY handiwork

Once you’ve completed your shadow box, proudly hang it on your wall! You may even consider making a few boxes and hanging them side by side as a sort of scrapbook. Displaying memorabilia and photos from high school, college, and grad school makes for a fun walk down memory lane. 

Here are a few fun shadow boxes from nursing school grads to help spark your creativity.   

What keepsakes will you include in your shadow box?

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