From mandatory family photo ops at the pumpkin patch to pumpkin succulent planters, it seems as though there’s a new decorating trend for Halloween every year that circulates our newsfeeds. When it comes to Halloween decor, there are really no limits to how creative you can get. While you can’t necessarily go too crazy with decorating on the floors of your hospital as you would your home, there are still some fun and easy ways you can liven up the place for October 31st. 

Here are our 9 favorite Halloween decorations for your hospital floor.



Spooky Trash Can

Hungry and a little spooky, decorating your trashcan is a quick and easy way to spruce things up on your hospital floor using very few supplies. You can get as creative or simple as you’d like.

Paper Bats

Made from black construction paper, these bats are are another super simple decoration to hang throughout the walls. Download a free template to trace your bats onto black construction paper here.

DIY Halloween Door Decorations


Like the hungry trash can, decorating the doors on the floor of the hospital is a fun and creative way to lighten the mood. Choose from a jack o’lantern, a mummy or a goofy monster or a scary skeleton.

Printable Skeleton

This printable skeleton is easy to cut with a plain pair of scissors. You can even keep his joints together using brad pins. Dress him up with a stethoscope to make him spooktacular member of your patient care team.

Mini Pumpkins

Let’s be honest. Is it even Halloween without pumpkins? Purchase a few minis to place around the nurses’ stations while you’re at the pumpkin patch with the kids; or if you’d prefer, buy a package of artificial pumpkins instead. If you’re feeling really creative, use a sharpie to draw spooky faces on them.

Nurse Pumpkin

If you have a little extra time to spare, craft a cute nurse pumpkin like this one; or experiment in making your own take with other items you already have in the hospital such as a surgical mask and cap.  

Mummy Mason Jars


Use these cute mummy mason jars to hold pens at the front desk, or cotton balls and tongue depressors in the exam rooms. All you need are some glass jars or vases, gauze and googly eyes, and a dab of glue to hold the gauze and affix the eyes.

Black Widow Super Stretch Web

Is there anything more scary in real-life than a black widow? Fill the walls in your hospital halls with cobwebs like this one for under $10.

Happy Halloween Banner

Not only can you find printable Halloween banners for free, but they’re the perfect way to add some style to your hospital floor. Pick your favorite banner, print it off and hang it up. They’re that simple.

Does your hospital floor decorate for Halloween? 


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