If you’re a CRNA looking for a place to call home, or an aspiring nurse anesthetist thinking through the logistics of you future career, salary is of course a consideration in determining where you will practice or if, in fact, you will go back to school for an advanced degree. Salaries for nurse anesthetists are as a whole significantly higher than those for other advanced practice specialties. They are so high that in some states, average CRNA salaries top the $200K mark. 

Scope of practice laws, the job market, and geographic location all play a role in determining average salaries for advanced practice nurses. CRNAs in these states bring in the top wages in their field. 

1. Montana 

Average Annual Salary: $243,550

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Average Hourly Wage: $117.09

If you’re a CRNA who doesn’t shy away from the prospect of working in a rural location, or one who loves the expanse of the great outdoors, Montana could be the place for you. The state boasts the highest average annual salary for nurse anesthetists. CRNAs practicing in Montana can expect added responsibility to earn such pay as many healthcare facilities in the state are isolated and receive little backup. 

2. New Hampshire

Average Annual Salary: $217,560

Average Hourly Wage: $104.60

Not only is New Hampshire’s average salary for CRNAs well over the $200K mark, residents of the state do not pay state income tax on earned wages. The state is also progressive when it comes to scope of practice laws for advanced practice providers staying true to its motto, ‘Live Free or Die’. 

3. Wyoming

Average Annual Salary: $210,210

Average Hourly Wage: $101.06

CRNAs living in Wyoming will not only enjoy the beauty and outdoor adventures the state has to offer, but also earning among the top salaries in the profession. Coupled with salaries averaging over $200K for nurse anesthetists, Wyoming has a low cost of living and does not have a state income tax. 

4. Wisconsin

Average Annual Salary: $207,220

Average Hourly Wage: $99.63

Wisconsin is known to be chilly, but it’s certainly gives CRNAs a warm reception. Nurse anesthetists working in the state earn well above the $160,250 mean annual wage for the profession as a whole. 

5. California 

Average Annual Salary: $206,150

Average Hourly Wage: $99.11

Understandably, CRNAs in California earn top dollar. While this wage may seem high, nurse anesthetists should consider that California has a significantly high cost of living compared to other locations. The salary won’t go as far as you might think in the Golden State. 

6. Oregon

Average Annual Salary: $200,850

Average Hourly Wage: $96.56

Similar to California, nurse anesthetists should use caution when evaluating the average CRNA salary in Oregon. The cost of living in the state is significantly higher than the nation as a whole. And, the state tax burden for Oregonians is the highest in the nation. Expect to lose a piece of your fat paycheck to ‘the man’ if you’re a CRNA working in Oregon. 

How does your CRNA salary compare?

* Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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