Comparing Emergency Nurse Practitioner Programs

With the recent creation of a new emergency nurse practitioner certification, emergency NP programs are receiving renewed attention. In the past, students looking to enter emergency medicine as nurse practitioners faced uncertainty. Would a family nurse practitioner or acute care nurse practitioner degree serve an aspiring emergency NP better? The fog is lifting when it comes to the ENP confusion. Currently, eight universities offer emergency NP specific curriculum. More are sure to follow.

If you are considering becoming an emergency nurse practitioner, attending one of these programs will equip you best to meet your career goals. While you can work your way into the ER as an FNP, most family nurse practitioner programs require students to complete the large majority of clinical hours in the primary care setting. Emergency medicine specific knowledge is left to on the job learning.

As you select your path to becoming an emergency nurse practitioner, evaluate how these ENP programs compare.

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Although there are few options catering specifically to NPs with an ER bent, these programs provide a top notch, specialty specific education. Will you opt for an emergency nurse practitioner degree?


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1 thought on “Comparing Emergency Nurse Practitioner Programs”

  1. I would also like to point out the program I am currently enrolled in, which is geared toward Emergency Medicine. It is a dual certification program. When I a finished I will be able to sit for both my FNP and AGACNP boards. This is at the University of South Alabama. Thanks!

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