Layer up this holiday season with a giveaway from Medelita Scrubs & Lab Coats!

Layers are a nurse practitioner’s best friend, especially in winter. When you’re bouncing between shifts at the hospital, holiday shopping, and spending time with friends and family, you need to be able to transition easily out of work mode and into off-duty nurse mode. 

That’s why we’re excited to be partnering up with Medelita this holiday season to give away an Ionic Scrub Jacket and three Core One Underscrub Tees to one lucky winner!

Don’t let the fact that the word “scrub” is in the name limit the way you wear these awesome winter basics. Whether you wear them with your scrubs or with some nice jeans and a ​sweater is completely up to you. The Ionic Scrub Jacket and Core One Underscrub Tee were both designed to offer a cozy yet lightweight extra layer of warmth, making them perfect for brisk winter nights as well as they are for chilly hospital hallways.

Medelita is known for their highly functional medical apparel and these pieces are no exception. With a tailored athletic silhouette and numerous spacious pockets for holding everything you could possibly need (there is even a zippered sleeve pocket and mesh badge pocket!) the Ionic Scrub Jacket is designed for the modern nurse practitioner on the go.

Equally flattering and available in three different colors, the Core One Underscrub Tee is constructed from buttery-soft performance knit fabric that that is as soft and cozy as it is durable, with moisture-wicking technology to keep you fresh and odor-free all day. The front and back ergonomic seam lines ensure a functional fit and a full range of motion, while the scooped neckline and tapered sleeves are universally flattering on all shapes and sizes.

To celebrate the holidays, Medelita is giving away one scrub jacket and three Core One underscrub long sleeve tees to a ThriveAP reader. Enter to win by emailing thriveap@thriveap.com with the reason you could use some cozy work wear this holiday season. 


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11 thoughts on “A Cold Weather Holiday Giveaway!”

  • I would love to win the jacket and shirts because I am always looking for comfortable, yet attractive clothes to wear as a NP in an occupational medicine clinic! Plus, layers are definitely important in Arkansas, because you never know what the weather is going to be like… it can start out in the 70s and drop to the 30s by the end of the day. That’s normal here 🙂

  • Melody Miller says:

    As a new grad I need new workwear. I work in an er. And hopefully soon (waiting on word) for a neurological/neurosurgery position.

  • Jessica Richardson says:

    I am always looking for professional scrubs and work gear that keeps me warm in beautiful Maine. I am a General Surgery NP and often freeze in the OR – love to have layers to put on when I go to round in the hospital and see clinic patients!

  • I am always chilly! Running around the ED, especially on the holidays, seems to feel colder! I am always keeping a smile on my face even when shivering inside. I could definitely use some cold winter gear. Love you Midlevel U! Excellent information. I look forward to the blog.

  • I am always freezing cold at work. I turn the thermostat up and ALL of my coworkers turn it down. They all seem comfortable with the cold. I am not. I even have to carry my own heater to work and put it under the desk when I sit down to document.

  • I am always freezing cold at work. I turn the thermostat up and ALL of my coworkers turn it down. They all seem comfortable with the cold. I am not. I even have to carry my own heater to work and put it under the desk when I sit down to document.

  • I need this jacket because it snowed in Houston this year and it might snow again!!! Completely unprepared and I’m scheduled to work Christmas Eve, when it may snow again. Yikes.

  • Tina Smith DNP says:

    I work very hard trying to transition from NP to Grandmother to family medical gatekeeper/advocate and on and on… This work wear will keep me from carrying different changes of clothes in a large heavy bag that is hard to store at work not to mention making my shoulders and back hurt….This clothing looks attractive and would fit into many situations. I would really like to win this because I am an older NP (60) and don’t wish to stay cold at work even in the summer when the air conditioner is on…

  • Although I am not normally cold, when they turn the air conditioner on at the office, I freeze! Especially after lunch ( if I get lunch!). The mountain weather in Western North Carolina is unpredictable!

  • Connie Woroszylo says:

    The Medelita scrub wear would be a PERFECT fit for me. I love the athletic style (fits my personality) with its many pockets! I can never have enough pockets for a pen, notebook, phone, etc. Since I am a new graduate, my finances are drained and my wardrobe is slim pickings. Also, I am at that stage of life which makes me hot one minute and cold the next! Medelita’s Scrub Jacket over the Medelita shirt would be exactly what I need! The Tees beautiful ergonomic fit and layer of warmth would make me fashionable both at work at my chilly station and out on the go!

  • I would love to have this jacket to wear. I’m transitioning from a bedside RN to a FNP so this would be a nice addition to my ‘new’ work wardrobe.

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