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While advanced practice providers often function in similar roles, physician assistants have some unique practice concerns. Dive into the PA community with these posts.

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NP & PA Take Top Two Spots on ‘Best Health Care Jobs Lists’

U.S. News & World Report recently released their ‘2022 Best Health Care Jobs List’ in which they rank health care careers based on several factors, …

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ThriveAP Is Growing! New Class Available

ThriveAP is growing! After a tremendous amount of growth over the past few months, ThriveAP is excited to announce we will be opening up a …

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How to Take Your Job Application To The Next Level

This week we are talking all about job applications! If you haven’t heard, we are hosting a live webinar tomorrow on Securing Your First Job! Join …

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How Do NP and PA Salaries Compare?

A state-by-state snapshot Nurse practitioners and physician assistants perform very similar, if not identical, roles in most states. In fact, in the emergency department where …

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Which Region of the U.S. Has the Highest PA Salary?

If you’re a physician assistant or thinking about becoming one, salary is undoubtedly a major consideration in your career choices. The setting, specialty and geographic …

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Here’s the Average Physician Assistant Pay, By State

Scope of practice laws, specialty, setting, experience and geographic location are the most important factors that determine physician assistant compensation. Laws in some states, for …

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The Average Pay for Physician Assistants, Revealed

Is your physician assistant salary above or below average? If you’re a PA student thinking about budgeting for loan repayment, how much can you expect …

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Contract Review Services for Advanced Practice Providers

Physician Assistants (PAs) fill an ever-expanding role within the healthcare field. In the last five or six years alone, the profession has grown tremendously. Whereas …

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How Do NP and PA Salaries Compare by State?

I’m often asked questions about the nurse practitioner and physician assistant professions and how they relate. In what way are roles for NPs and PAs …

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Did You Know that NPs & PAs Can Work for the CIA?

I heard about the coolest (and totally top secret) job the other day. In one of those friend of a friend conversations, I learned about a …

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Physician Assistants Earn the Most in These Cities

Salary is naturally a consideration for physician assistants deciding where to put down roots. Some geographic locations boast significantly higher salaries than others. Whether as …

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4 Tax Writeoffs for Physician Assistants

Ugh, I am still procrastinating from filing my taxes this year. The worst part about my lack of initiative when it comes to the task …

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