Nurse Practitioner Lifestyle

In the mood for the lighter side of life as a nurse practitioner? The NP lifestyle section was created just for you. From the latest in scrub fashion to the most functional lab coats and even work-life balance issues, posts in this category cover the intersection of career + real life.

When the Nurse Practitioner Stress Mounts…

This weekend I went on a getaway with a professional group I am affiliated with. While our weekend had a strict agenda, the theme for …

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Remember, Your NP Career Is a Marathon Not a Sprint

I have run two marathons thus far in my life. I’m not sure if there will be more to come as I have a love-hate …

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The Best Apps to Help Busy NPs Save Time

I absolutely love tools that help my efficiency level. I’m a get-things-done kind of girl. So, if there’s a way to knock my to-do list …

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10 Tips for Surviving a String of Night Shifts

I’m fortunate that, as a nurse practitioner, my employer allows me to split night, evening, and day shifts. Switching sleep schedules isn’t easy, but it’s …

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Book Club: Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Death, Life, and Everything in Between

Early in December, I imagined I would pick up I Am Malala while sitting by the fire with a cup of cocoa over Christmas break.  I had …

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9 Practical Tips for Conquering Night Shift Fatigue

Last night my husband and I went to dinner with friends which happened to be the same day I was transition back to reality from …

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My First Day as a NP Clinical Student

A reader recently asked if I would write a post about my first day as a nurse practitioner clinical student.  Surely I had already covered …

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Making the Most of Working on Christmas

Admittedly, I’m not working on Christmas this year. I will be with my family enjoying morning cinnamon rolls and eating beef tenderloin for dinner. Mmmm….. …

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Hospital Holiday DIY: The Urinal Christmas Wreath

When I cover the night shift in the emergency department, typically there are a few minutes of downtime around 4am. The evening rush has subsided and …

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5 Tips for the New Advanced Practice Provider Starting Their Career

By Guest Blogger Marquita Fields, DNP, FNP-BC The caps are tossed in the air, there are no more discussion boards due, and you have submitted …

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What Do You Wish Physicians Knew About Nurse Practitioners?

Yesterday, I talked common frustrations in the NP-MD relationship. Nurse practitioners across the country have shared with me their perceptions of the highs and lows …

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8 Take-a-Ways from My ThriveAP Experience

By Guest Blogger, Alison Katus, MSN, FNP-C Confidence I was not confident in what to expect in my new workplace.  I moved cross-country to my …

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