Advanced Practice Legal Issues

Concerned about medical malpractice liability? Unsure about the implications of your employment contract? Do you have scope of practice confusion? Our experts weigh in with these posts giving advanced practice providers direction on the variety of legal issues they face.

The 411 on Nurse Practitioner Prescribing

Prescribing is a core component of life as a nurse practitioner. While we advocate for lifestyle change and encourage alternate therapies, sometimes medication is the …

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Critical Advice for NPs Who Delegate to Medical Assistants

Thanks to the predicted surge in the number of medical offices and outpatient care facilities, technological advancements and the growing number of elderly Americans in …

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Obtaining a California Nurse Practitioner License in 8 Painful Steps

As the kickoff to ThriveAP nears, our participating nurse practitioners are facing the NP certification and licensure process. If you’re a new grad nurse practitioner, …

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Is it Quality v. Quantity: What Should I Expect in a NP Contract?

By Jennifer Lankford, Labor and Employment Attorney “Is it usual for my contract to be this short?”, “Are employment agreements normally this long?” I receive …

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Which States Allow Nurse Practitioners to Prescribe Suboxone?

Nurse practitioners are newly allowed to prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone) as part of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act signed into law by former President Obama. …

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Do NPs or PAs Have More Freedom?

While the way nurse practitioners and physician assistants work when is comes to patient care looks quite similar, there are regulatory differences between the two …

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Are Preceptors Liable for the Actions of Nurse Practitioner Students?

We’ve all experienced the awkwardness of clinical learning as nurse practitioner students. Mastering the skill set required to work as an NP means practicing on …

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7 Questions to Ask about Your State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Do you look patients up on your state’s controlled substance monitoring database before writing prescriptions for these medications? I’ve long been aware of this resource …

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Can a D.O. Supervise a Nurse Practitioner?

Much to most nurse practitioner’s chagrin, many states require that NPs be ‘supervised by’ or ‘collaborate with’ a physician in order to practice, prescribe, or …

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How Nurse Practitioners Can Get Their Personal Contact Info Offline

A nurse practitioner I spoke with recently had a question about her NPI number. So, she searched online for her name + NPI. She was …

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What is Shared Billing and How Does It Affect You as a Nurse Practitioner?

It’s easy as a nurse practitioner to go throughout your workday with knowing exactly how you get paid.  Yes, you may understand your basic hourly …

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Are Nurse Practitioners Legally Obligated to Report Domestic Violence?

Are nurse practitioners obligated to report domestic violence? This is a question I haven’t asked myself enough over the past few years. Working in the …

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