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ThriveAP Welcomes Growth and New Partnership

By Chris Poole, CEO ThriveAP is an education and training resource for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) which is the fastest growing segment of professional healthcare …

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Use These 6 Non-Monetary Incentives to Boost NP Motivation

A raise is always a nice way of recognizing a nurse practitioner who is going above and beyond in their practice. Contrary to popular belief, …

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COVID-19 FAQ for Healthcare Employers

With every day that passes, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the globe continues to grow. Along with it, recommendations, declarations and briefings are …

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How to Start a Nurse Practitioner Residency at Your Clinic

An increasing number of clinics are offering residency and fellowship programs to nurse practitioners. While advanced practice providers are not required to complete such programs, …

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Why Employers Should Think Differently about Hiring New Grad APPs

There’s significant resistance among healthcare employers when it comes to hiring new graduate nurse practitioners and physician assistants. And, it’s understandable. Advanced practice providers (APPs) …

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Cultivating a Teamwork Culture in Healthcare

Teamwork is crucial to the overall success of your practice. When a medical team is working cohesively, the business operations run more smoothly, employee morale …

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How to Use a Compensation Levels Document

Last week we reviewed the pros and cons of comp structures for nurse practitioners and physician assistants including the innovative compensation levels system . Today, we’ll discuss …

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Structuring Compensation for Nurse Practitioners: Pros & Cons

Do you struggle with structuring compensation for the nurse practitioners and physician assistants in your practice? There’s a general lack of consistency related to advance …

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How Many Nurse Practitioners Can a Physician Supervise?

Not all states require that nurse practitioners “collaborate with” or are “supervised by” physicians. While 33 states and DC allow nurse practitioners to diagnose and …

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7 Reputation-Defying Reasons for Hiring Millenial NPs

Millennials tend to be scrutinized pretty harshly by the older generations, often being labeled as lazy and entitled among other criticisms. Unfortunately such stereotypes have …

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How Personality Profiling Can Help Your Practice

I’m a big fan of personality profiling. First of all, as a test taker, the path to self-discovery is exciting. Not to mention, taking a …

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