Clinical Tips and Tricks

As seasoned advanced practice providers, we’ve got some clinical pearls to share with new and experienced providers alike. From breaking down warfarin management guidelines to fool-proof tricks for stopping epistaxis, we share what has worked for us in patient care.

Foreign Body Freakout! How to Remove an Insect from the Ear

Have you ever treated a patient presenting with a case of insect-in-the-ear? Understandably, the situation is quite distressing for the patient. Spiders, cockroaches, and other …

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Auscultate It! Super Quick Lung Sounds Tutorial

It’s interesting how much you can learn with a review of the most basic skills. As nurse practitioners, many of us have been listening to …

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Splinting 101: An NP’s Guide to Immobilization

A few months ago, the medical director of the emergency department where I work made a request.  He asked that MD’s, NPs and PAs keep …

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The 411 on Nurse Practitioner Prescribing

Prescribing is a core component of life as a nurse practitioner. While we advocate for lifestyle change and encourage alternate therapies, sometimes medication is the …

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Clinical Decision Tools to Help Detect Blood Clots

I love a good algorithm. Evidence-backed decision trees and clear-cut clinical calculation tools help guide my practice as a nurse practitioner. They take the guesswork …

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5 Online Trauma CME Resources for Nurse Practitioners

The hospital where I work has recently upped its trauma level status. So, it has come to my attention, there is now a trauma-related continuing …

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4 Key Questions to Help Your Patients Make Lifestyle Changes

Recently on the ThriveAP residency program webinar, a speaker discussed the concept of motivational interviewing. In my eight years as a nurse practitioner, I had …

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The Ultimate Abscess I&D Tutorial

You know you’re made for medicine when you see a bulging, fluctuant abscess and you just can’t wait to stick an #11 blade in to …

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Orthopedic Decision-Making Made Easy for the Ankle and Knee

A while ago, I discussed the concept of clinical prediction rules. Essentially, these rules are tools nurse practitioners can use to simplify and increase the …

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5 Tips for the New Advanced Practice Provider Starting Their Career

By Guest Blogger Marquita Fields, DNP, FNP-BC The caps are tossed in the air, there are no more discussion boards due, and you have submitted …

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CYA Charting: When Patients Don’t Follow Your Advice

Having worked as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department for more than 10 years, there have been plenty of times patients have chosen not …

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Returning to Work: Updated Guidelines and Tips for Providers

By Guest Blogger, Marci Farquhar-Snow, M.S., CCRN CMC A.C.N.P-BC AACC We definitely need to start getting back to “semi-normal” or whatever the “new normal” is. …

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