Nurse Practitioner Career Advice

Whether you’re looking for some nurse practitioner career encouragement or a deep dive into employment specifics, you’re in the right place. On the career advice section of the blog we cover everything from common concerns nurse practitioners have to specific issues faced in the profession.

How Long Will You Feel Overwhelmed as a New Grad Nurse Practitioner?

Does new grad nurse practitioner life have you feeling frantic? Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Doubting your career decision? No matter the number of years you have …

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How to Answer the Most Dreaded Interview Question

Preparation is key when it comes to interviewing for a nurse practitioner job; after all, the interview process is where the rubber meets the road. …

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CYA Charting: When Patients Don’t Follow Your Advice

Having worked as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department for more than 10 years, there have been plenty of times patients have chosen not …

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This Program Helps Improve Clinical Skills During the Workday

As a nurse practitioner, the expectations placed on me are high. Not only must I know how to diagnose and treat patients, I’m required to …

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Jobs for NPs with Flexible Hours

One of the common frustrations of life as a nurse practitioner is that the work schedule may not be as flexible as it is with …

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Primary Care NP Residency and Fellowship Locations

Location is a key factor in selecting a nurse practitioner residency or fellowship. If you’re interested in a primary care post-graduate program, you may need …

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3 Patient Documents You Should Keep on File

In the ER, I observe the making of many end of life decisions.  Often, the patient is unable to speak, think or make healthcare decisions …

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Assistant Physicians: A New Breed of Provider

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no new news there’s a physician shortage in the United States that’s expected to worsen in the …

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Real-Life Tips from First Day Mistakes in My New Nurse Practitioner Job

Perfectly content with my workload, and always borderline over-committed, I wasn’t looking for a new nurse practitioner job. Until, that is, the former medical director …

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Could This Remote ER be a Step in the Right Direction for the Rural Health Care Crisis?

It’s no secret that rural health in America is in a dire state. Over the last decade, the number of rural health providers decreased by …

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Nurse Practitioner Residencies: The Ultimate Guide

While residencies have long been a staple of the medical training model for physicians, they are a much newer phenomenon for advanced practice providers. Completing …

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NP Entrepreneur Spotlight: A Modern Rendition of the Old Fashioned House Call

The practice of providers traveling to their patients’ homes goes back to the origins of medicine. In fact, receiving care at a hospital was quite …

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