Nurse Practitioner Career Advice

Whether you’re looking for some nurse practitioner career encouragement or a deep dive into employment specifics, you’re in the right place. On the career advice section of the blog we cover everything from common concerns nurse practitioners have to specific issues faced in the profession.

5 Questions to Ask Before Relocating for a Nurse Practitioner Job

“I love packing!” said no one-ever. The logistics of a move for a new nurse practitioner position can be difficult to plan and execute. Helping …

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9 Tips to Make Your Nurse Practitioner LinkedIn Profile Pop

Admittedly, my personal LinkedIn profile could be improved upon. Sure, my profile looks professional which it the most important LinkedIn consideration, but its contents are …

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Critical Advice for NPs Who Delegate to Medical Assistants

Thanks to the predicted surge in the number of medical offices and outpatient care facilities, technological advancements and the growing number of elderly Americans in …

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What Do You Wish Physicians Knew About Nurse Practitioners?

Yesterday, I talked common frustrations in the NP-MD relationship. Nurse practitioners across the country have shared with me their perceptions of the highs and lows …

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7 Bad Practice Habits Nurse Practitioners Should Kick

Once you’ve become comfortable working as a nurse practitioner, or have maintained employment with the same company for a period of time, it’s easy to …

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Do You Need a DEA Number to Write Prescriptions?

In response to my post covering scheduled medications earlier this week, I received an interesting question from a reader- do you need a DEA number …

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8 Take-a-Ways from My ThriveAP Experience

By Guest Blogger, Alison Katus, MSN, FNP-C Confidence I was not confident in what to expect in my new workplace.  I moved cross-country to my …

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The Magic of a Job Interview Thank You Note

I’m not a big note writer or “Happy Birthday” wisher or a timely giver of baby and wedding presents. I’m not the friend who goes …

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5 Ways to Take Advantage of a Slow Day at Work

It’s rare that the words “slow day at work” and “nurse practitioner” are used in the same sentence, but occasionally the unexpected and much welcome …

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When it Comes to Patient Care, Mother Knows Best

I recently wrote about my latest experience in medicine. It wasn’t as a nurse practitioner, but rather as a patient. And, it didn’t go that …

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Why Networking is Important for Nurse Practitioners

Every morning I wake up, flip on the coffee pot, and thumb through e-mails on my phone in a relaxed fashion. I have no intention …

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How to Take Your Job Application To The Next Level

This week we are talking all about job applications! If you haven’t heard, we are hosting a live webinar tomorrow on Securing Your First Job! Join …

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