Nurse Practitioner Career Advice

Whether you’re looking for some nurse practitioner career encouragement or a deep dive into employment specifics, you’re in the right place. On the career advice section of the blog we cover everything from common concerns nurse practitioners have to specific issues faced in the profession.

Nurse burnout

Top 5 Causes of Nurse Practitioner Burnout

Working in healthcare is demanding on many levels from which nurse practitioners are not immune. As with any problem, identifying the cause of the issue …

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nurse practitioner with resume

How to Write Your First Nurse Practitioner Resume

After graduating from my NP program, I sat down to craft the perfect resume only to be met with the sinking feeling I had nothing …

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Telehealth call

3 Ways Nurse Practitioners Can Work from Home

Working from home has plenty of perks. If you feel burnt out from your time on the hospital floor or from going through the doors …

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4 Little NP Habits That Will Get You a Big Raise

How do you stand out as a nurse practitioner? Many times it seems our employers focus exclusively on patient volume (and often they do!), but …

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5 Elements of Company Culture to Find in Your Next NP Job

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, factors to consider when searching for your next nurse practitioner position is company culture. Just what exactly …

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Business Meeting Etiquette- Six Rules of Thumb for NPs

My first nurse practitioner job offer was made over lunch at a local restaurant. Since then, I’ve met colleagues for coffee and had business meetings …

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Attention NJ New Grads: NP Residency Opportunity

Alright, you don’t have to be from New Jersey to apply for this nurse practitioner residency opportunity. If you’re an NP (or soon-to-be) looking for …

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Featured NP Residency Opportunity – New Mexico

Is this New Mexico adventure right for you? Are you dreaming of working in a clinic that will assist you grow in to the autonomous …

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The Site Short List: ThriveAP+

Matching with the new residency-like program for NPs Have you heard of ThriveAP’s new residency-like program for nurse practitioners? ThriveAP+ matches participating advanced practice providers …

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5 Strategies for Making Your Nurse Practitioner Job Family Friendly

I am lucky to remain connected to a number of my nurse practitioner program classmates. As we have matured in our careers it is exciting …

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How to Piece Together a Full-Time Job From PRN Positions

Nurse practitioner jobs aren’t always the most flexible opportunities. Patient visits often must be scheduled in advance and in-person interactions are required. So, at times …

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Shift Length: How Does it Affect Your Job Satisfaction?

As I sit here on my couch blogging next to my sleeping puppy, I am tired.  I have spent my morning removing Christmas lights from …

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