Book Club: The Tiger’s Wife

Do you ever listen to audiobooks? Popping in my earbuds to enjoy a novel is my new favorite thing. Looking for a way to manage my monthly reading load, and always the multitasker, audiobooks seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. So, I downloaded an audiobook app recommended to me by a friend and viola!

I can now read on my morning jog, listen to a few pages of a novel during a trip to the grocery store, and make it through a chapter of a book while getting ready for work. It’s safe to say, I have securely landed myself on the audiobook bandwagon. This month I tuned in to The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht.

The Tiger’s Wife tells the story of a young doctor, Natalia, living in war-torn Eastern Europe. Upon discovering that her physician grandfather has mysteriously died in a remote clinic she sets out to unravel the details of his death. During her journey, Natalia recounts memories of her grandfather, most notably their ritual visits to the zoo to see the tigers. 

In telling the story of Natalia and her grandfather, Obreht weaves a tale that blends reality and fantasy. Subplots like the story of a deathless man take place against the backdrop of the war in what was once known as Yugoslavia. Born in Belgrade, the setting draws on Obreht’s personal experiences growing up in the region.

This combination of history, fantasy, and the concrete details of Natalia’s experiences come together to create a complex novel, the sophisticated writing notable given that Obreht was just 25 years-old when she penned the work. The Tiger’s Wife was somewhat of a slow read and the writing style didn’t appeal to my personal taste, however I can see why it comes so highly acclaimed. Overall, I didn’t love The Tiger’s Wife, but can appreciate it as a literary accomplishment.

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What did you think of The Tiger’s Wife?

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