Bling Out Your Boo Boos with these Novelty Bandages

Wearing a band aid is pretty much a major drag. The adhesive attracts ick around the edges, not to mention the bandage is usually hiding a pretty nasty scratch or scrape for which you have received much too little sympathy. Attempts to match various skin tones have helped the problem of unsightly bandages, but they still leave much to be desired. So, why not take full advantage of your next injury and have a little fun?

As a nurse practitioner, I have a massive store of first aid supplies on hand in my home, bandages of all sizes included. My band aid picks tend to be pretty standard. Fortunately, a few innovative companies have come up with some lighthearted designs when it comes to bandage decor. Spice up your first aid kit with these amusing options.


Ouchies Mad Libs Bandages

I went to the doctor and got a __________ right in my __________. Mad Libs bandages let you fill in the blank.

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Stealthy Ninja Bandages

Little ninjas leap into action using their intense skills to hide even the most bothersome of boo boos with these bandages. Say Hi-Yah! to your healing.


Rich Kid Problems Bandages

Leave it to Urban Outfitters to come up with this obnoxious but hilarious set of wound wear. “I tripped getting out of my helicopter” and “I got a papercut from all my Benjamin’s” are among several reasons offered for a given wound.


Edgar Allen Poe Bandages

One upon a midnight dreary…known for his dark writing style, why shouldn’t Poe be the one to treat your next cut or scrape. So, the next time you’re pecked by a raven reach for this tin of bandages.


Ouch! Quotes & Quips Bandages

Quotes such as “Tis but a flesh wound” and “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” boost your bravery in the face of injury. If you could use a pick-me-up the next time you’re injured turn to quotation bandages.  


Beef Bandages

Injured? Slap a T-bone on it. These savory bandages come in two sizes, large T-bone and small T-bone for wounds of all shapes and sizes.


What Happened Bandages

Stub your toe? Get a paper cut while paying your bills? You’re going to need a better story. When it comes to explaining your injury and these bandages can help.


Bigfoot Bandages

Perfect for covering large wounds, these oversized bandages feature none other than Bigfoot himself.


Mustache Bandages

Style your next wound with a mustache bandage. Each tin contains 4 ‘stache styles.


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