Beyond the Clog: Shoes for Nurse Practitioners

I’ve been a clog-wearing nurse practitioner for more than five years now. Prone to knee aches and pains, my nursing clogs have really saved my back and joints. But, I have to say, I’m growing a bit tired of my clunky old kicks. Yeah, they’re durable. Sure, they’re ergonomic. But quite frankly, they still don’t exactly qualify as comfy and they simply aren’t cute. It’s time to shake things up when it comes to my nurse practitioner footwear. Yes, I’m stepping out beyond the clog.

If you too are growing tired of your traditional professional wardrobe, check out the trendier additions I’m considering making to my closet.

1. Dansko Markie Bootie in Taupe

If you’re a nurse practitioner with the option of donning business casual at work, Dansko’s Markie Bootie offers the perfect blend of trend and comfort. Dansko’s ‘comfort DNA’ technology makes these booties supportive and comfortable while a tassel and fall-appropriate color allow the bootie to pass for functional outside of the clinic. If you don’t want to stray too far from the staple nurse practitioner clog, these kicks are a great pick.

2. New Balance for J. Crew in Navy

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New Balance has launched some cool new lines of sneakers the past few seasons. My favorite for chicks? The J. Crew collection. Guys may want to consider the Sweatshirt Pack Running Shoe in chambray for it’s unique material and subdued yet anything but bland color scheme. Many New Balance sneaker picks cost less than 100 bucks so you can purchase a pair as a budget-friendly supplement to your staple clog. And, New Balance options play well with scrubs.

3. UGG Australia Dempsey Flats in Scarlett

Flats that pair perfectly with slacks but offer sufficient comfort and support to make it through the nurse practitioner workday are a rarity. Fortunately, UGG, famous for cozy slippers and boots also carries a few lines of flats professional enough to impress on the job. Try the Demsey Flat in Nubuck Scarlett to add a splash of color to your everyday work wardrobe.

4. Nike ‘Free 4.0 Flyknit’ Running Shoe

Built for comfort and speed, running shoes make a worthy substitute to the nursing clog. Not to mention, athletic footwear comes in a variety of shapes and styles so you never get bored of your nurse practitioner look. Break the monotony of the scrub-wearing life with the Nike ‘Free 4.0 Flyknit’ Running Shoe. The textured body adds another layer of interest to the everyday running shoe and subdues the pop of color making the kicks oh-so work appropriate. The shoes also come in a platinum, white and grey style just for guys.

5. Dr. Scholls ‘Vixen’ Ballet Flat 

A brand synonymous with comfort, Dr. Scholls has developed several lines of flats accomplishing a cute but comfortable look. If you’re a nurse practitioner who wears business attire on-the-job, try the wildlife inspired ‘Vixen’ Ballet Flat. There’s no way sporting a little leopard won’t brighten your day.

Which shoes top your ‘beyond the clog’ nurse practitioner shoe list?


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