In continuing with today’s theme of all things manly, I thought I should mention that the other night I was alerted to the existence of the best trauma shears (ever) by a few colleagues. We were shooting the breeze, gathered around the nurse’s station at 3am thanks to a slow night in the ER brought on by a timely thunder storm. The topic of conversation? Best techniques for removing rings stuck on swollen fingers.

If you’ve ever used a ring cutter, or even the string ring removal trick, you know that even with the best of skills the process can be pretty cumbersome. The longer the procedure takes, the bluer the patient’s finger becomes. Not to mention, no one is ever excited about having their wedding ring sawed-through.

While my coworkers and I were debating whether or not our hospital’s ancient ring cutter could grind through the now popular tungsten wedding bands, one nurse pulled out a gleaming new pair of trauma shears, setting them on the countertop with a clank. “If anything can remove a tungsten ring, it’s these” he said, proudly displaying his new purchase. The other nurses nodded in agreement, corroborating his claims.

Admiring the apparent strength and durability of his new shears, I inquired about the impressive device. The shears were the Leatherman RAPTOR, created specifically for firefighters, EMTs, and other emergency workers. From cutting through bandage tape to slicing seat belts, these shears are up to the task. Designed with healthcare providers and emergency personnel in mind, the RAPTOR has a tool for every job. OK, well, maybe they won’t suture for me, but the included ruler will come in handy for measuring lacerations.

Here’s a look at what this bad boy can do.

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RAPTOR Anatomy

1. Glass breaker

2. Oxygen tank wrench

3. Ring cutter

4. Ruler

5. Strap cutter

Compared to my regular old bandage scissors, which now look so puny and insufficient, the RAPTOR is a bit pricey. The Leatherman RAPTOR retails around 75 bucks (a little less on Amazon). Although expensive when compared to the 10 dollar price tag of lessor competitors, the RAPTOR’s durability and added functionality makes the shears a worthwhile splurge. The RAPTOR will definitely be making an appearance on my 2014 Christmas wish list.


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