It’s that time a year again! Whether you’re starting the first year of your nurse practitioner program or your last, chances are that you’ve already been bombarded on all fronts with reminders to buy your back to school supplies. Afterall, nothing screams new school year like a package of freshly sharpened pencils, am I right? Regardless of if you’re excited for the start of a new semester or not, these fun twists on back to school supplies will definitely make you laugh.



First Aid Sticky Notes, $6.99

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These sticky notes come in ointment and assorted bandage shapes; providing the perfect remedy for quick note taking during lectures and marking specific pages to go back to later for test prep.  

It’s Going Tibia Okay Spiral Notebook, $12


Taking notes during class will be fun in on this anatomically-themed 120 page spiral notebook.

Llama Laptop Sleeve, $22.99

This zippered, 15” neoprene laptop sleeve is perfect for everyday use. The built-in elastic straps secure the sleeve to your screen so you can work right out of the case during class and study times, all while keeping your laptop protected. And the funny llama with a big toothy grin will bring a smile to just about anyone’s face.

Frankie and Claude Snarky Pencils, $2

A slightly snarky pencil pack from Frankie and Claude is a school accessory that will keep you both motivated and laughing as you jot down your big college dreams and grand schemes as a future NP. With a variety of phrases to choose from like, “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” and “Write that S*!T Down”, you’ll chuckle every time you reach for a pencil or a fellow student asks to borrow one. All of the pencils are classic no. 2’s and PMA certified non-toxic.

Interchangeable Medical Humor Badge Clips, $19.50

If you’re starting your clinical rotations this fall, accent your ID badge and show off your personal style with this interchangeable badge reel set of medical humor themed organ buttons.

Plastic Nose Pencil Sharpener, $4.49

Pencil sharpeners often go unlooked as a back to school must have. The plastic nose pencil sharpener is ideal for the nurse practitioner student who knows a good novelty when he or she sees one. But please don’t stick anything up your nose, except your pencil.

TF Publishing Monthly Planners, $7.99

NP students undoubtedly have a great deal going on in their lives while in their programs. Get organized “right meow” with a fun monthly planner from TF Publishing. The large, monthly grids provide ample room for all of your important information. Choose from an array of laughable, yet cute and professional styles.

Nurse Shaped 8GB USB Flash Drive, $8.59

Use this nurse shaped USB flash drive to store, transfer or carry almost any type of computer files safely and reliably during school this semester. You can also choose from a variety of other drives shaped like surgeons, band-aids, hamburgers and more!

Brain Dump Pad, $6.99

It never fails, you’re sitting in the middle of a lecture and have a ton of random thoughts swirling about in your head. If this is you, you need a Brain Dump pad to remove all of the scattered notions from your mind by jotting them all down on paper to organize and follow up on later so you can get back to paying attention.

Pita Bread Pencil Holder, $21.90

Is it lunch? Nope! This realistic pita bread is actually a pencil holder handmade of fine cotton fabric. The elastic webbing holds up to 10 items and includes a split ring for your USB drive or keys.

Happy back to school shopping! 



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