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To conclude our state-by-state salary series for advanced practice providers, today we’ll focus on CRNAs. Nurses I talk with that are interested in advancing their careers typically look at two paths, becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. The NP vs. CRNA decision is a big one for these nurses and naturally, salary is a consideration in this equation. Just how much can nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists expect to earn? Last week we checked out compensation for NPs by state. Today, we’ll look at the average CRNA salary across the country. 


The following data is compiled based on the average nurse anesthetist salary from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re a CRNA here’s how much you can expect to earn based on your practice location. 

Average Nurse Anesthetist Salary by State 

How does your CRNA salary compare to the average in your state?


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