8 Ways to Effectively Apply for Nurse Practitioner Jobs on Social Media

If you’re a nurse practitioner who’s at all involved in social media, whether you simply post a pic or two on Facebook, or you’re one to comment on each and every post in your Twitter feed, chances are you’ve noticed content related to your profession scrolling across your screen. Employers and recruiters are increasingly turning to social media to attract nurse practitioners to open positions. If you come across a job post of interest, is social media the best way to reach out about a prospective position?

There are pros and cons to applying for jobs via social media in healthcare. One advantage, for example, is that your application may be more likely to get noticed through social media channels rather than applying directly with HR. Social media feeds are often managed by marketing departments responsible for generating leads, rather than HR departments burnt out on reviewing resumes. Applying through this fresh medium may send your resume through different company channels increasing your chances of getting a thorough look by those in charge.

On the other hand, submitting job applications for positions you’ve found on Facebook can come back to bite you. By taking this approach, your job application is automatically linked to your personal account showing employers more than just your resume. This may or may not be in your best interest. What should nurse practitioners keep in mind when applying for jobs on social media?

1. Give Your Account a Makeover

Before you apply for nurse practitioner jobs on any forum linking your app to a social media profile, make sure to give your account a once over. What will a prospective employer find if he/she digs into past photos or comments? Delete any information that could potentially give an employer pause before you consider reaching out about a job online.

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2. Show a Little Personality

One advantage to applying for nurse practitioner jobs on social media is that such platforms showcase more than the typical resume. Photos, comments, and other information give prospective employers a more personal glimpse into your personality. No one wants to work with a dud. So, it’s perfectly fine if your social media profile exudes a little bit of you. Just make sure to add such details tastefully to keep your overall profile professional in nature.

3. Make Your Profile Complete and Honest

In a similar vein, a complete social media profile gives you a forum for sharing information about yourself that may not be appropriate to include on a resume. So, make sure you take full advantage of the benefit applying for a position online can offer. Complete your LinkedIn profile, including information such as awards you’ve received, volunteer activities, or languages you speak. An online profile is the perfect place to sneak in a few tidbits related to qualifications pertinent to your job of interest. Be honest as a fabricated profile may come back to haunt you later in the interview process.

4. Select Your Photo Carefully

Your favorite photo of yourself may in fact be one where you are bikini clad, lounging on the beach, adult beverage in hand. And, I’m sure you look amazing in the pic. Many personal photos, however, aren’t appropriate to post during your job search. So, put your six pack abs aside, and make sure your profile photos are at least somewhat professional in nature before you open up your social media presence to employers to-be. 

5. Proofread

It’s easy to get lax when you’re creating an online profile. But, if you’re going to use social media in your job search, your online presence must be impeccable. Make sure to proofread not only your profile itself, but the comments you post as well. Delete or edit those that contain spelling or grammatical errors. You wouldn’t want a small slip up to hinder your nurse practitioner job search.

6. Analyze Your Social Circle

Fair or not, you will be judged on those you are connected with online. If you have a few friends known for posting unsavory comments, cut ties with them during your job search. You don’t want to get dinged for the actions of those you’re associated with online. 

7. Consider the Platform

While Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all abuzz with job opportunity postings for NPs, selecting the most professional medium possible will be advantageous in your job search. So, if you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, apply on the career networking site, rather than social media channels best known for socializing. This leaves a more professional impression and minimizes the chances of making your connection with the employer too personal.

8. Build Your Professional Network

Being an online loner is a major warning sign to prospective employers. If you don’t have any friends or professional connections, there must be something wrong with you, right? So, if you’re creating an online profile for the sole purpose of landing a nurse practitioner job, find a few friends before you submit an inquiry or application. Fortunately, most social media platforms suggest a few other users you might connect with simplifying the process.

Have you used social media in your nurse practitioner job search?


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