8 Must Have Stocking Stuffers for Nurse Practitioners

Now that our stockings have been hung from the chimney with care, we have to think of something to put in them!  What should you coyly suggest santa stuff your stocking with this holiday season?  Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for you and the other nurse practitioners in your life.

1. Personalized Needlepoint iPad Case ($32.99)

In the days of EMR, more and more nurse practitioners are carrying iPads and other electronic gadgets.  This stylish personalized iPad case from Lands’ End will protect your tech toys with style and a cozy feels that represents the season.

2. Personalized Cube Sticky Notes ($34)

NP’s have a lot to remember on the job.  Even with technology, we often need a good ‘ole sticky note.  Take your notes fashionably with these adorable personalized notes from Layla Grayce.  You can even select your own patterns, monogram style and colors for a unique effect.

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3. Vintage Lace Bling Badge Pull ($18)

Nothing cramps an NP’s style quite like the standard issue hospital or clinic badge pull.  Spice up your workplace wardrobe with this sparkly vintage badge pull- or one of the other creative badge pull offerings from BadgeBlooms on Etsy.

4. Padded Stethoscope Cover ($15)

Ooh, wearing a stethoscope all day can irritate your neck, especially in the winter months.  Prevent the dreaded cervical chafing by padding your stethoscope with this vibrant cover.  A subdued color palate contrasted with a chic pattern make this stethoscope cover from PaisleyMaizie on Etsy the perfect pairing with any work outfit.

5. Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream ($10)

The medical profession is tough on the hands.  Combine this with Winter weather and frequent latex glove-wearing and you have uber dry, cracked hands and nails to deal with.  Prevent dry hands with Philosophy’s rich lotion formulated specifically for professionals like hairdressers, house cleaners and nurse practitioners who work with their hands on a daily basis.  Pair this stocking stuffer with a manicure gift card and you are golden!

6. Monogrammed Travel Mug ($30)

Keep other’s hands off of your much needed caffeinated beverages at work with these jazzy travel mugs.  The perfect stocking stuffer for the NP with a coffee fetish, these customizable travel mugs from Claire Bella will insure your morning gets off to a great start.

7. Pulse Oximeter ($69.95)

Equipment for checking vital signs can be hard to come by in a busy hospital or clinic.  Quickly assess your patient’s pulse and oxygen saturation by keeping these cute pulse ox creatures from Mountainside Medical Equipment in your pocket.  They are sure to bring a grin to the faces of both you and your patients.

8. Nurse’s Best Friend Wine Glass ($13)

Sometimes you need to end a long day as a NP with an adult beverage.  You can do so in true nursing fashion with these dishwasher safe personalized wine glasses from ClassyYetSassy on Etsy.  Each glass features a syringe, hat and a stethoscope with a personalized base.

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